Germ-O-Guard announces launch of anti-viral/anti-bacterial consumer products to limit virus and bacteria transmission

Germ-O-Guard produces a wide range of products, all with germ killing properties

Applying a custom made device protector skin to your older or less popular smartphone

Applying a custom made device protector skin to your older or less popular smartphone

Demonstrating Germ-O-Guard door handle and light switch protector skins in use

Germ-O-Guard protectors make frequently touched surfaces like door handles and switches virus and bacteria free

Nanotech materials with self-sterilizing properties eliminate germs on contact, preventing transmission of viruses and bacteria

lab testing has confirmed our materials destroy 99% of viruses and bacteria…We then use these materials to create a wide variety of consumer and household products with self-sterilizing properties.”

— Director of Marketing, Marc Edwards

BOYNTON BEACH, FL, USA, May 31, 2022 / — Germ-O-Guard is launching a crowdfunding campaign to introduce its lineup of anti-viral and anti-bacterial materials to the market. By employing nanotechnology to create materials with self-sterilizing properties, germ transmission is reduced by constantly killing any that come into contact with their surfaces, making them safer to touch.

Using the advanced VBFree deposition process, various materials can be coated with a layer of nano-silver which both blocks germs and actively eliminates them without the use of any chemicals which might be considered harmful or skin irritants. This layer is durable and enduring, allowing the materials to be washed and wiped normally without losing their antiviral and antibacterial properties.

After spending time developing its own products based on the patented technology Germ-O-Guard is also welcoming enquiries from potential OEM partners interested in manufacturing their own products which incorporate Germ-O-Guard materials and coating services.

“Germ-O-Guard materials are created using the patented VBFree deposition process”, says Director of Marketing, Marc Edwards. “The process coats nano-silver onto laminated PET and both woven and non-woven polyester fabrics, and independent laboratory testing has confirmed our materials destroy 99% of viruses and bacteria within just a few minutes of contact. We then use these materials to create a wide variety of consumer and household products with self-sterilizing properties. Of special note are our Surface Protector skins – pre-cut self-adhesive films that are applied to frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, buttons, desks, tables and countertops, and even electronic devices such as smartphones, laptop computers and tablets. The advanced VBFree deposition process can also be applied to plastics, glass and metals as well for business customers interested in adding this germ-killing ability to their own products.”

Other Germ-O-Guard product categories include:

* Reusable Protective Face Masks
* Disposable Single use Protective Face Masks
* Handkerchiefs & scarves
* Adhesive sheets & rolls of Germ-O-Guard material for custom applications and DiY projects

“We’ve invested a considerable amount of resources into developing a mix of products which would be very useful to consumers”, remarks Jensen Fong, Director of Operations. “But we also became very interested in seeing what creative ideas those in the DiY community would come up with. To support these creators, we are making Germ-O-Guard VBFree material available in various sizes of sheets and rolls which can be cut by hand or by using popular cutting machines. We’ve heard ideas for items such as bags, fabric covers, pouches for laptops, smartphones, tablets, ebook readers etc – the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.”

One imaginative use that the DiY community has found for the materials is creating custom protective skins for older or less popular electronic devices. Using a home cutting machine anyone can design or download a template for any phone, tablet or notebook computer they have, and their new skin will be cut and ready to apply in just a few minutes. These custom-made skins fit and adhere just as perfectly as commercially available ones that would be purchased in retail stores.

The same approach can also be used by DiY enthusiasts to create custom sized surface protectors for desks, tables, counters, door handles and any other frequently touched surface which would benefit from their germ-killing properties. Since the skin material is translucent it allows the original finish of the surfaces to show through, preserving their premium appearance and design. This also means that any graphic designs printed on the materials blend in well and enhance the look of the surface rather than simply obscuring it.

“We are working towards making these materials and our finished products available to everyone in online and local retail stores very soon”, adds Marc Edwards, “But in the meantime we are giving our Crowdfunding campaign supporters the opportunity to cut straight to the head of the line and get them early at a great discount. Not only will this help fund our initial production runs, but crowdfunding has proven to be a great vehicle for introducing innovative new products to consumers, so we’re excited to be using this to reach out to our potential customers.”

Germ-O-Guard’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign can be viewed at the following link:

Demonstration video – Creating home-made Germ-O-Guard custom protective skins:

Demonstration video – Germ-O-Guard protective skins preserve the stylish appearance of premium devices:

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