Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) grills Biden nominee Saule Omarova on allegations of past membership in communist groups: "I don't know whether to call you professor or comrade."

GOP Sen. Kennedy Exposes Lie Told By Biden Judicial Nominee About Police Shootings Of Black Men

As the Biden administration launches the Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board” within the Department of Homeland Security, a Republican senator exposed one of President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees as the first person the board should consider looking into.

Back in January, Biden named Nusrat Jahan Choudhury as a candidate for district court judge in the Eastern District of New York.

The liberal media dutifully counted up her points on the woke scale. As ABC News noted, Choudhury, if confirmed by the Senate, “would become the first Muslim American woman to serve as a federal judge. She is also the first Muslim American woman to be nominated to the federal judiciary. … and is also the first Bangladeshi American to be nominated to the federal bench. She would be the second Muslim American appointed to a federal judgeship.”

Choudhury also has spent most of her legal career as a lawyer with the radically woke ACLU. 

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Choudhury admitted that she purposefully spread disinformation to make a “rhetorical point.”

Sen. John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican, asked her about a statement she made at Princeton.

“Do you believe cops kill unarmed black men in America every single day? You said it at Princeton,” Kennedy noted.

“I said it in my role as an advocate,” she replied. To which Kennedy added, “So, you didn’t mean it?”

“I said it in my role as an advocate  to make a rhetorical point,”

“So when you say something that’s incorrect, it’s okay to excuse it by saying ‘oh, I was being an advocate?’ What do you believe? Do you personally believe that cops kill unarmed black men every single day in America?” Kennedy inquired.

Choudhury replied that she believes law enforcement “has an important and challenging job,” but did not deny making the comment – which, according to Newsmax, she said while serving on a panel about race and policing at Princeton.

“I think that’s an extraordinary statement to make with no data to back it up. None whatsoever,” Kennedy added. “There’s no basis for that, and you knew it then and you knew it now.”

“How can someone possibly believe that you’re going to be unbiased on the federal bench?”

She then claimed her record showed that she had “worked collaboratively” with law enforcement in several venues “to solve complex problems.”

“Your record shows you believe cops are guilty until proven innocent. Your record shows that if a cop shoots a criminal, it’s the cop’s fault. But if a criminal shoots a cop, it’s the gun’s fault,” Kennedy retorted.

“I don’t appreciate you not answering the question straight up. I would respect you a lot more if you just tell us what you believe, and not try to hide it.”

The head of the nation’s largest police union also did not appreciate it, and on Thursday called for the Senate to reject her nomination.

In a statement, National Fraternal Order of Police President Patrick Yoes said, “She did not deny making this blatantly false claim and stated that she made the statement in her ‘role as an advocate’ to make a ‘rhetorical point.’ I was shocked that she unapologetically embraced this comment.”

“Our nation has a problem with hateful rhetoric now and it is getting worse. We see hateful speech directed at Jews in New Jersey and New York and it has translated into increasing violence targeting the Jewish community. Nationwide, hate speech denigrating Asian-Americans has led to an increase in violence against these communities. Brutal bias and hateful rhetoric aimed at law enforcement officers have led to the same — more officers were shot in the line of duty last year than any time since this data was first collected,” Yoes continued.

“In all of these cases—in ALL of them—hate-fueled rhetoric, in many cases protected speech as Ms. Choudhury’s remark certainly was in the academic confines of Princeton University, is leading to violence. These words, left unchallenged, are too often transformed by violent individuals into action—actions that leave a rabbi beaten in New York City, Asian-American women shot in Atlanta, and cops ambushed all around our country.”

“Her statement was false. She knew it then and knows it now. She said it with malice aforethought and in so doing buttressed the increased public bias against law enforcement officers and contributed to the barrage of false and hateful rhetoric that inspires others to violence,” Yoes added.

“She has helped to erode the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect by proudly misrepresenting the facts and has, in our view, disqualified herself from serving on the Federal bench. On behalf of the members of the Fraternal Order of Police, I call on the Senate Committee on the Judiciary to reject her nomination.”

As for Choudhury’s claim, NPR reported in January 2021, police across America had shot and killed “at least” 135 black men and women since 2015. That comes to about 22 a year.

That number would be 2,200, if Choudhury’s “rhetorical point” was true.

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