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Guard Arena Launches Miami’s First Security Guard Marketplace App.

Guard Arena: Connecting security companies and security guards

There was a need for innovation in the Security & Patrol Services Industry. Security & Protective Services and technology must be integrated.”

— Founder and CEO of Guard Arena

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022 / — In today’s digital age, the way people live and work has changed significantly, especially with access to easy and affordable broadband connectivity and smartphones. Being digitally connected via several modes has increased communication and has opened new ways for companies and job seekers to find each other. Tech companies have been using online recruitment platforms for a long time. Now the non-tech companies and other traditional industries are fast catching up with this trend.

This is expected to result in a surge in traffic on the web and mobile platforms that connect businesses with the right talent in industry-specific niches. US-based Guard Arena is well-positioned to play a significant role in meeting this growing demand in the security industry.

“There was a need for innovation in the Security & Patrol Services Industry,” says Anthony W Jackson, CEO and Founder of Guard Arena. “We developed Guard Arena because we want security companies and guards to have their own dedicated network, and that's why we developed it.”

Guard Arena is a brainchild of the Guard Arena Founder & CEO, a seasoned entrepreneur. He wanted to harness technology to simplify the way Security Companies hire Guards without being limited by geographical boundaries. This would also help guards search for the right opportunities based on their location, interest, and skills. This led to the birth of the mobile application Guard Arena, which is gradually becoming the go-to platform for Security Companies and Guards to connect with each other.

“Our platform is designed to open up new avenues for companies and job seekers to establish and surpass their capabilities using the latest technology applications,” says a spokesperson from Guard Arena. “This will drive more meaningful exchange between talent and businesses, thus ensuring growth for our users whether as a business or as a jobseeker.”

Guard Arena brings the modern job fair right to the fingertips using a custom marketplace app built for the security and patrol industry.

To use Guard Arena, Guards can set up their job profiles and feature their skills and experience. Based on their skill set and preferences, the platform can send them alerts about relevant job opportunities. They can browse and search for relevant vacancies and respond to company invitations. They can bookmark their preferred jobs and companies.

For the Employers, Guard Arena is a platform where they can choose from a wide selection of top talent. The platform has a search feature that makes use of advanced algorithms to highlight candidates based on their profile information. Employers can learn more about their top prospective hires through detailed profile information and can also bookmark them for quick access later on. They can compare profiles, taking into account each applicant's qualifications, experience, and overall cost.

“At Guard Arena, our vision is to bring more efficiency in the hiring process in the security industry, thus resulting in time and cost savings for all the stakeholders,” says a spokesperson from Guard Arena. “As more security agencies and guards embrace the digital recruitment channels, we saw this as a great opportunity to create an impact by launching a mobile platform that serves as a universal bridge between them.”

Guard Arena strongly upholds its motto of "fast, affordable, and user-friendly services" and these are the values that underpin the entire operation of the business. The company is committed to providing the best user experience by continuously upgrading its application based on emerging trends and user feedback. The company’s dedication to client satisfaction is unmatched, which makes for a business that clients are proud to use and recommend to others.

About Guard Arena
Guard Arena is a leading mobile-based hiring platform for the Security Services Industry. It helps Guards and Security Companies find each other. The company has launched mobile apps for both Apple and Android platforms.

For more information about Guard Arena and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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