Dollar General Fart Lady

“Gut Him” Florida Woman Pulls Knife On Man After Dispute Over Her Passing Gas At Dollar General

A Florida woman was arrested after pulling a knife on a man who complained about her ‘passing gas’ in line at a Dollar General.

According to deputies, Shanetta Yvette Wilson, 37, was standing in line at a Dollar General in Dania Beach, Florida, and started “farting loudly” in the store.

A man standing behind Wilson complained and the pair got into a verbal dispute, according to the affidavit.

Deputies say that during the dispute, Wilson pulled a small lock-back knife out of her pocket and told the male victim that she was going to “gut him.”

According to the arrest report, investigators say Wilson pulled her right hand back with the knife in it as if she was going to attack the man. Yvette then fled the area only to be caught by deputies a short time later.

After being identified by the victim, Wilson was arrested and booked into the Broward County Jail.

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8 Replies to ““Gut Him” Florida Woman Pulls Knife On Man After Dispute Over Her Passing Gas At Dollar General”

  1. I was taught that you cannot hold what isn’t in your hand including burps, farts and love. We are all supposed to be social distancing and who is this fool that makes it his responsibility to play the role of parenting another adult concerning a normal bodily function? I feel for this lady. What we women are surviving lately is too much male dominance and people that do not mind their own business or respect others privacy, space or the fact that we are all human beings. I hope and pray for this lady that the charges are dismissed. Stop harrassing people

  2. It’s not about parenting or male dominance. It’s about basic human decency. No one else should be forced to smell your ass! If you have to let one rip or it’s an accident, AT LEAST have the decency to apologize and excuse yourself. Especially if it is audible and it’s more than once.

  3. That that lady was a Savage to pull a knife on somebody he has a right to comment when somebody farts in your face that is disgusting

  4. Gross mang! She shouldn’t be dropping them bombs, stanking up the checkout like that… I mean, if I’m in the next aisle over and I hear somebody launching air biscuits, I will die laughing because I’m immature like that. But damn, if you’re right in front of me and continuously desecrate my airspace, that’s just nasty. 💩💨

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