HIP Video Promo presents: Meresha premieres “Trouble” music video on VENTS Magazine

In her latest single and video, alien pop singer Meresha chases "Trouble" in the disco and on the street. Wherever she goes, she's entirely at home.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, USA, April 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — VENTS MAGAZINE PREMIERE | NEW MUSIC FRIDAY | Exclusive premiere of Meresha’s “Trouble” music video

If one were looking for trouble, where would they go? The club, certainly: there are always intriguing people on the dancefloor, and many of them are open to dangerous possibilities. You might also look under the pylons of the elevated highway that runs through Miami’s ridiculously exciting Little Haiti neighborhood. Time your visit for hours after dark, and you’re bound to find what you’re after. In her latest single and video clip, Meresha chases “Trouble” in the disco and out on the street — and wherever the pop singer goes, she’s entirely at home, completely in control, and hungry for new experiences.

That’s because Meresha is at ease in all contexts and crowds. Although she’s based in South Florida, she’s a true global citizen, and her music reflects the breadth of her experience. She makes pop that exists comfortably at the intersection of traditions and styles: part tropical, part Euro-electronic, part contemporary, part extraterrestrial. In summer 2021, she took us to “Hawaii” with a successful globetrotting single that demonstrated her wanderlust, her knack for crowd-pleasing melody, and, yes, her taste for trouble. “The magic of life is outside taking chances,” she teased us in the verses, “who knows what you’ll find?”

There’s reason to believe that the planet simply isn’t big enough to accommodate all of her adventurous impulses. Meresha calls her style Alien Pop, and it’s not hard to hear why. Her voice is stratospheric, her taste in instrument sounds is otherworldly, and her perspective is consistently extraordinary. On “Trouble,” she matches her tale of desire and transgression to a slinky synthesized string groove, drapes her mix in silky backing vocals, and drives it all home with thumping percussion. You can dance to it, yes — but it’ll probably be the sort of dance that gets you dangerously close to your partner.

No American city mixes Caribbean and North American influences quite as audaciously as Miami does, and no neighborhood in Miami foregrounds that fusion as plainly as Little Haiti. For years, it’s been the center of South Floridian artistic ferment — a thriving, colorful area filled with all kinds of trouble. That’s exactly where you’d expect to find an artist like Meresha, and in the “Trouble” clip, she rides her bicycle boldly down NW 71st Street after dark. In the shadow of the interstate, she’s presented with some troublesome opportunities by a handsome man. The next thing you know, she’s twisting through the fluorescent lights of the dancefloor, dazzling with every step, daring the viewer to come closer.

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