Hybrid VR Paintings Allow Art Businesses to Thrive with Virtual Reality Galleries and Fully Immersive VR Paintings

June 23, 2020

By: Staff and PR

Tampa, FL -(PR.com)– In these uncertain times of viruses, quarantines, violence, and whatever event will come next… it becomes particularly challenging for art galleries to survive.


The actual world has become an increasingly uncertain place. For this reason, art galleries must begin a business strategy that takes their art business into the virtual world to ensure their basic survival.

Fine art painter, Dave Alber has taken his oil and acrylic paintings into the virtual reality world with physical paintings that can be both entered and showcased as 360° panoramic VR experiences.

Further, to address the needs of art galleries facing a difficult time… Dave Alber offers online and cellular VR gallery solutions to help galleries succeed.

“Art businesses endangered by quarantines or political and social uncertainty are still able to take their gallery into the virtual world,” Dave Alber tells gallery owners. “Imagine art lovers entering a gallery space in virtual reality. Imagine them, in virtual reality space, hovering in front of a painting. And now imagine them entering directly into the painting as a virtual reality experience. Art lovers can enter the paintings on the walls as 360° VR experiences.”

Art patrons can enter Hybrid VR Paintings through solutions built for:

-cellular devices,
-wall monitors,
-projection rooms, and more.

“For art galleries that want to get started selling Hybrid VR Paintings to customers, there is virtually no limit to the innovative ways that they can allow their art lovers to interact with these paintings,” Dave Alber states. “But first, they will need to be able to tell their art patrons what Hybrid VR Paintings are.”

Hybrid VR Paintings are physical/virtual hybrid paintings that occupy physical space on the wall while simultaneously manifesting within the virtual world.

These paintings have no edges in the virtual world. They are 360°. Entering these virtual reality paintings an art lover:

can move 360° in panoramic VR space,
zoom out to enjoy the big picture, and
zoom in to focus on the details.

An art lover can hang a Hybrid VR Painting on their wall and through a monitor, cellphone, Smart TV, or VR headset enter – and allow their guests to enter – the Hybrid VR Painting in an immersive VR experience.

Oil painter and app developer, Dave Alber says, “Hybrid VR Paintings connect the long continuity of the oil painting tradition with the immediacy of 21st century technology.”

“It’s reminiscent of the sound barrier being broken,” Alber continues, “Hybrid VR Paintings are physical oil paintings intact within the arrow-like trajectory of the representational art tradition that have shattered the barrier from physical art to virtual art… completely whole. They link the physical world, virtual world, and the continuity of our cultural tradition together in a singular fever of paradox.”

Timeline of Hybrid VR Paintings:

August 2019 – Hybrid VR Paintings were revealed in the book “A Curious Heart’s Wanderlust in China” (ISBN-10: 1086903560).
October 2019 – Hybrid VR Paintings were featured in 2-page color spreads in the art catalogue Ravages of Time & Permanence of Wonder
(ISBN-10: 1689274565).
October 2019 – Hybrid VR Paintings were exhibited in the Old World New World exhibition in KunChef in Kunshan, China.
December 2019 – The Floating Gallery launched an online gallery of Hybrid VR Paintings(http://thefloatinggallery.com).
January 2020 – The VR Paintings app, the fully immersive app version of The Floating Gallery launched on the Android platform to be distributed on the Google Play Store and the Amazon AppStore.
February 2020 – The VR Paintings app launched on Oculus Go Store and as a download for HTC Vive.
March 2020 – Four galleries of Hybrid VR Paintings were exhibited in the art book “2020 Is the Year of Hybrid VR Paintings” (ISBN-13: 979-8622984525).
April 2020 – Resilient Americana launched as an online VR gallery (http://resilientamericana.com) and as a newspaper feature.

Art gallery curators and owners are invited to contact Dave Alber through LinkedIn, Facebook, and email. To be ahead of their competitors, they can visit the Collaborate page of davealber.com at http://davealber.com/collaborate/. Here they’ll be able to:

receive a free sixty-page Hybrid VR Painting catalogue,
connect with the artist directly, and
begin their exclusive consultation to integrate VR solutions into their business.

For more information and a free Hybrid VR Painting catalogue, please see http://davealber.com/collaborate/.

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