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“I’ll shoot and kill your a—” Gas Station Wrong Change Case, Ends in Shooting

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – A Tampa businessman who owns a St. Petersburg Mobil gas station located at 101 34th Street, South, has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Umar Farooq was working the counter of his gas station on September 12 when a woman came in to purchase beer with a $100 bill. The beer cost just over $4.00. Farooq issued change and the woman exited the store. However, her friend, Nicolas J. Young, stormed back into the store accusing Farooq of short-changing her. When Farooq allegedly gave only $84.00 back to Young’s friend, it was about $12.00 short. 

According to Farooq, Young blasted through the doors and yelled, “If you don’t give me my money, I’ll shoot you.” At that point, Farooq said he told Young to leave several times. But Young suddenly reached behind his waistband, which prompted Farooq to retrieve his handgun. A shot fired. It struck Young in the hand and exited through a buttock. But Farooq said that he didn’t intend to shoot him, didn’t know where Young was standing when the bullet hit him, and only intended to show that he could defend himself, if necessary. He also claimed Young added the threat, “I’ll kill you,” as his hands reached around his waistband.

Young’s version of the incident is different.

Umar Farooq, owner of a St. Petersburg gas station

He said he entered the store and immediately told Farooq to “check his drawer,” that he had not refunded his friend the proper amount. Then, according to Young, Farooq pulled out a gun and held it up “gangster-style” – sideways. Young said he then began to exit the store and cried out, “Don’t shoot me! You’re going to shoot me!” He also stated his hands were up. Young claimed he never threatened Farooq.

But Samuel L. Simmons was witness to the incident, and he told another story.

According to him, Young was just a few feet away from him near the counter when he began digging into the front of his waistband, threatening, “I’ll shoot and kill your a–, mother******.”  Simmons said he never saw a gun on Young but wasn’t sure why he was digging into his waistband. He indicated Young was “turning his body,” and he wasn’t sure if that was meant to conceal his actions, or possibly a gun, from Farooq, or if Young was thinking about leaving.

Farooq was arrested and charged on September 12 but has pleaded not guilty. 

In the meantime, Young has filed a civil lawsuit against Farooq and a company that owns the land upon which the Mobile gas station is located.  It is a case with three counts of negligence against the property owners, Package A, L.C., Umar Farooq and his business.

Florida Statute 836.05 makes it a felony to express verbal threats of physical harm.  It is not known if Farooq may be able to counter-sue on this premise.

The State Attorney’s office could not comment on the criminal aspects of the case because it is still under investigation.  An inquiry to Farooq’s attorney, William Bennett of St. Petersburg has not been answered.  The attorney for Young is John Trevena, Largo.  Trevena was not available for comment.

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2 Replies to ““I’ll shoot and kill your a—” Gas Station Wrong Change Case, Ends in Shooting”

  1. Don’t be an ass, and act like an adult. If you act like a person intending harm and moving in a manner that is threatening as well as verbally saying you are going to shoot a person, IS this Not “Stand your Ground”!! … Oh, the owner is not WHITE so that law does not protect him!!!

  2. Isn’t it a Injustice, When bad reporting, can sway the public, or people’s opinions.
    This was just Horrible reporting, period !
    It’s fake News.”The Florida Free Press” seems to be bias on this story by leading with the captions “I’ll shoot and kill your ass.
    Ironically the statement that was made by the person who did the shooting and was consequently arrested for assault & battery with a deadly weapon. The Pakistani born immigrant that shot a unarmed US American citizen, while asking for his change back.
    “The Florida free press “ Would rather lead with a story from the accused point of view, rather then the victim , Great journalism guys.
    See guys Lawyers are smart, they also know that it’s a felony to say “I’ll shoot and kill your ass” even when it was never said.
    It’s called trying to build a “Stand your ground defense” I can’t wait until all the facts to this case come out. There were no Audio tapes recovered from the scene, So did? Mr. Young really say..“I’ll shoot and kill yours ass” or was that the defenses only stand your ground defense. I can tell you what they do have,
    They have, the damning video tape, with Umar stalked him behind the glass to three different points In the store while he was trying to peacefully leave the store without his money. And how Umar was standing the whole time behind a bullet proof glass partition and was never in any harm. They can also see how Mr. Young was unarmed, and not a threat to anyone. He was a forth generation US American citizen, who was demanding his hard earned money back from someone who was actually trying to take it, or was to intoxicated at the time to count out change. Umar’s Life is going to change, because he thought he could handle things, like he would in Pakistan.
    You live In the USA ! We have laws ! You can’t act like a third world barbarian, and do things as you please. Anyway! Who fire’s a warning shot at a unarmed man inside a gas station, with Innocent people standing around at 930pm..
    on Saturday night. Your in America now, get ready to pay the price. Beretta said it best
    “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”
    And for all you the arm chair attorney snd people that don’t know shit, and then is leaving nasty remarks about young, on Umar’s behalf? and again” the Florida free press “ for dropping the ball with this story, here is your real news..
    The states of Florida is Prosecuting Umar Farooq, he will be convicted of the crime, he will also do prison time..he pay restitution, and loose the civil trail. And not even Allah ! can’t save him now. And all the rest of you arm chair attorneys need the facts before you put you two cents on something you know nothing about at all.
    I can’t wait till everything comes out, because all of you talking shit , will be eating crow, but you only have the free press to blame for leading with a criminals side of the story.
    Hey let’s see how this story should have gone with good reporter. you know! if the free press got it right the first time, and actually lead with the victim’s statement ?🤔
    A fourth generation, unarmed, US American citizen, walks into a Mobile/Exxon gas station, and gets shot for asking for his change back. From a immigrant that already has two prior convictions for assault and battery, and now his third one with Bodily injury.
    Not to mention the domestic on his wife..these are all public records, so get your facts straight before all of you look ignorant when this case is over. Mr. young has no record, dugs, assault, theft, not even a speeding ticket..”
    My prayers go out Mr. Young And his family, with over 220k in medical bills, two hand surgeries over the last nine months, his pain and suffering, and the fact he can no longer work in surgical instruments repair as he did for the past 26 years because Umar has Permanently maimed his right hand for life, and his ability to work and provide for his family. I hope Umar and his attorneys realize, that if Mr. Young doesn’t agree to restitution with this civil case, that Umar at 46 years old with three convictions for assault, will spend the rest of his life in a American prison. And from what I hear they love Middle Easterners to death in there.
    If I were him, l would definitely come off so e of that dirty oil money, that’s hidden up in the ceiling. I would take care of your mistake, and give Mr Young enough money that he forgets, he holds the power to make you never see freedom again. because if you try to low ball him with the money, he will not agree to any restitution on the civil side, and you will pay dearly on the criminal side. Let’s put it this way, based on the video evidence on Umar Farooq he is guilty, will be convicted of this crime , and ultimate loose this civil trial too. All I know is that If a man can post $10,000 cash on a 100k bail in three hours, with no banks open, then him or his family better come up with the right amount. Or I wouldn’t blame Mr. Young for throwing the book at him. Hey but what do i know 🤷‍♂️

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