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Is It Legal For Canadians To Play At Offshore Online Casinos?

Technological advancement has disrupted the gambling industry. These days, clients have many choices in regard to where to play the games from. 

An offshore online casino is a website operating in foreign countries, but the player is from a different country. Statistics show that Canadian have declared 199 billion in offshore tax. Still, experts say that the figure is a small fraction of the Canadian offshore wealth. 

The presence of the internet fuels the rise of offshore gambling. Also, offshore casinos offer better terms than a Canada casino. Some wagers are hesitant to play in offshore online casinos due to security concerns. However, with the advancement in security, most bettors find these casinos more attractive. The sites boost their security via a two-factor password authentication and SSL encryption.

How to choose the best offshore casino

Are you looking for the best offshore casino? If yes, it can be challenging to identify the right one. However, the best strategy to use is to arm yourself with information. Here are the key things to consider when choosing an offshore casino:

  1. Check the withdrawal fee

Withdrawal charges can be exorbitant on some casino sites. So, before choosing a casino, ensure their withdrawal charges are reasonable.

  1. Select a legit casino

The only way to ascertain that an online casino is legit is to check its license. You should also check the licensing authority’s website to verify if the casino in question is licensed with it.

  1. Check the payment methods.

Before choosing an online casino, ensure they use popular payment modes, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer. Some people are comfortable with crypto. So, a forward-looking casino should accept this method of payment.

  1. The best casino offers a variety of games

It’s essential to ensure that the casino you want to choose provides a variety of games. This gives you a wide choice of games. 

  1. Check the popularity of the website.

Popular casinos enjoy raving reviews from satisfied clients. Furthermore, using a reputable casino helps avoid scams associated with this industry.

Why do Canadians prefer offshore casinos?

  • The simplicity of rules: their rules and regulations are simple to understand. So, players can wager on their favorite games once they’ve read the requirements.
  • Local casinos are expensive: Most offshore casinos have an affordable withdrawal cost. Like any business, bettors want to reduce the expenses related to online games.
  • Variety of games: Offshore casinos offer multiple games, allowing punters to choose their favorites.
  • Crypto payment: This payment mode is beneficial to bettors who want their transaction information to remain confidential.

The pros outweigh the cons, and that’s why most Canadian prefer offshore casinos.

The legality of an online casino is determined using their license, which also helps in matters related to online scams.

Online gambling has taken a steadfast rise in Canada. According to a Canadian gaming industry report, offshore casinos spend approximately 4 billion annually.

Online gambling does not tax winnings among the players. This is another reason why it’s gaining popularity, unlike the land-based casinos where you have to declare it in your income.

How to discover a scamming offshore casino

Most the gambler has fallen into the wrong hands of scammers. Here are the tips to help to determine a scamming website:

  • Negative or no reviews on the website: Negative reviews imply that the casino doesn’t offer satisfactory services. It would help if you also avoided casinos that lack customer reviews.
  • No display of their license: A legit casino must display its license to help users evaluate its validity.
  • A low number of players on their website: This shows that the casino lacks popularity.
  • A website that is not popular or known.
  • Casinos with no security measures: The best casinos provide high security to minimize the incidents of clients losing money. Some security measures included two-password authentication and the use of a firewall.
  • Lacks enough games: this means the casinos have not invested so much, so their only purpose is to scam gamblers.
  • Check on the transparency of the casino: For instance, the section on terms and conditions is missing. Or the area is so complex for the players.
  • Some casinos may also claim they accept bonuses or their processing fees are low. You can also do a background check on whether they provide the bonuses indicated
  • Also, check the date when the Casinos have started. New casinos tend to be used as scam sites.

Some scam casinos promise high amounts of bonuses to attract players or low fees. So, users should be on high alert.

The number of scams has been on the rise since. So, ensure that you commit yourself to an offshore casino that’s legit. Remember, you’re sharing important information with these platforms.

 Most of the Casinos also lack customer reviews. It is also easier to spot a scam from a mile away. This also helps to warn gamblers about scamming casinos so that other gamblers can avoid it. 

The legality of offshore casinos in Canada

Although it is illegal to operate a casino with no license in Canada, Offshore casinos are not illegal in Canada. Players are free to sign up if the casino accepts gamers from Canada.

The legality of offshore casinos is of paramount importance since most of offshore casinos are from foreign countries.

Most Canadians have embraced offshore casinos as it is more advantageous. Unlike land-based casinos, players don’t pay taxes. A player can also comfortably gamble in the comfort of their house.

With the rise of technology and the use of smartphones and computers, offshore casinos have been on a steadfast rise and you can find over here a place to play.


The Canadian government has legalized the use of offshore casinos. This step gives bettors many advantages. Offshore casinos offer a variety of games, and their winnings are reasonable. Furthermore, these casinos provide different payment modes, such as crypto, Skrill, and PayPal. Players also want to avoid high charges of gambling locally.

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