Jacksonville Tree Service Experts Plans to Increase Healthy Trees and Shrubs In Jacksonville And Suburbs

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JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, November 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — After a survey about trees was done by Jacksonville Tree Service Experts, the company found out that thousands of trees were in an unhealthy state. For this reason, earlier today, Jacksonville Tree Service Experts announced that it was on a mission to increase the number of healthy trees and shrubs in Jacksonville and the entire neighborhood.

“Jacksonville Tree Service Experts recently sent its survey team to do a quick survey and write a report on the health state of the trees in Jacksonville and the neighboring districts,” said the CEO. “The report was nothing less than scary. Out of every hundred trees, only 55 trees are healthy. This made Jacksonville Tree Service Experts add a new mission to its hundreds of missions. This is to increase the number of healthy trees and shrubs to at least 85% within 6 months.”
The CEO noted that the company was fully prepared for the new mission.

“To complete the new mission within the given time,” said the CEO, “Jacksonville Tree Service Experts has been forced to take a few actions. These include adding more employees to the team and buying more tools and types of equipment. Also, the company was forced to take its research team to different labs in the US to find a cure for the emerging strange diseases. The research was successful as the drugs have proved to work.”

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The CEO noted that Jacksonville Tree Service Experts had also decided to start offering the tree care services they were not offering earlier.

“The attempt to save more trees,” said the CEO, “called for the company to start offering all tree care services. Jacksonville Tree Service Experts is now open for deep fertilization and tree removal requests, which were not available in the past. Deep fertilization will provide the trees and the shrubs with the nutrients they lack in the soil, thus enhancing healthy growth. On the other hand, tree removal will act as a controlling remedy for diseases. When a tree is infected beyond saving, the wise step to take is to remove it to prevent spreading.”

Jacksonville Tree Service Experts CEO made it clear that the company will be operating on a 24/7 schedule.

“Jacksonville Tree Service Experts will be working throughout the day and night,” said the CEO. “This will enable the company to handle many trees in a day, bringing it closer to mission accomplishment.”

The CEO also announced that the company had reduced its service charges.

“The survey findings proved that the unhealthy trees were mostly on the yards of the struggling homeowners,” said the CEO. “Therefore, to make the mission a success, Jacksonville Tree Service Experts found it wise to reduce the service charges. By doing so, even the struggling tree owners will have the privilege to improve their trees.”

The CEO lastly urged the residents in Jacksonville and its suburbs to make their bookings with Jacksonville Tree Service Experts.

“The mission of increasing healthy trees and shrubs,” said the CEO, “will only be accomplished if homeowners in Jacksonville and the neighboring districts place their bookings with Jacksonville Tree Service Experts. With the reduced charges and the newly introduced tree services, Jacksonville Tree Service Experts expects to receive thousands of bookings in a day. This way, more trees will be saved and the environment will become better.”

Jacksonville Tree Service Experts offices are located at14382 Pelican Bay Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States. Homeowners can also make their bookings by calling +1 904-867-3524 or sending an email to sales@treeservicesjacksonville.net.

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