Jakob Wissel Shares How His Time As An Eagle Scout Instilled His Drive To Succeed

Jakob Wissel says that his time as an Eagle Scout taught him the importance of setting a high bar for others

How Achieving The Highest Scouts BSA Rank Set Jakob Wissel Up For Success

OCALA, FL, USA, December 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Law student Jakob Wissel credits the process of becoming an Eagle Scout with much of his success. Here, he shares the top attributes of scouting that pushed him to maintain the strong work ethic that continues to push him to achieve as an adult. 

Scout Spirit

Eagle Scouts are required to embody Scout Spirit. The Scout Spirt ideal is made up of concepts pulled from the Scout Oath, Motto, Law, and Slogan. The embodiment of Scout Spirit requires Scouts to be prepared (for all situations, both mentally and physically), as well as to carry themselves with honor at all times. Embodying the Scout Spirit also involves a commitment to helping others, being courteous, acting as a friend to animals, and staying as optimistic as possible, even in difficult situations. Wissel states that working to personify Scout Spirit has created an upbeat, hardworking attitude that has served him well in both his personal and professional endeavors.

Merit Badges

Eagle Scouts are required to earn at least 13 merit badges (there are 21 merit badge options). Merit badges include cooking, personal fitness, citizenship in the community, emergency preparedness, camping, first aid, and more. Going through the process of earning merit badges allows Eagle Scouts to learn more about their interests, and to develop those interests in a way that can both serve themselves and their communities. 

A Commitment to Service

Eagle Scouts are required to complete a service project prior to achieving the Eagle Scout rank, according to Jakob Wissel. While there is no minimum time requirement for those working toward the Eagle Scout rank to spend on their service project, many Eagle Scouts spend hundreds of hours on the project. Eagle Scout projects can span a wide range, from fundraising for a local hospital to leading cleanup efforts along local roadways. Completing a service project teaches Eagle Scouts the importance of giving back to their communities, and helps them establish themselves as someone who is willing to put in the time required to improve the world around them. 

Strong Leadership Skills

Adults who have achieved the Eagle Scout rank are more likely to hold leadership positions than adults who have not achieved the rank. Jakob Wissel says that his time as an Eagle Scout taught him the importance of setting a high bar for others. He learned that he cannot expect employees, colleagues, and others affected by his leadership to achieve highly if he is not doing the same. Eagle Scouts serve as an example to younger scouts, and this responsibility tends to stick with Eagle Scouts for a lifetime. 

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