James Carville (File)

James Carville Tells MSNBC Age Issue Is Suffocating’ Biden, Tells Him To ‘Turn That Around’ On Trump

James Carville (File)
James Carville (File)
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Democratic strategist James Carville noted on Monday that President Biden’s age has been a significant problem for him and that he should highlight the slim age difference between himself and former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s age has been a major concern for voters and he has reportedly been adjusting his walking routine to Marine One as well as receiving an escort by aides to mitigate the issue. Carville on “Inside with Jen Psaki” said Biden should mention the slight age difference between the two men as well as accuse Trump of stealing and concealing his medical records.

“The age issue is suffocating him,” Carville said. “And he needs to bring up that he is only four years older than Trump. And Trump had his goons steal his medical records out of his internist’s office in January 2017. So I’ve released all my medical records. Why don’t you release the records that you had Keith Schiller steal from your internist? I mean, he’s got to to turn that around and need to quit arguing and complaining about the Times covering his age and the polling is so good. That’s a waste of time. Don’t do that.”

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“Talk about how you’re going to change people’s lives and make it better, and how you’re building a record to build on,” Carville continued. “And you understand cost of living and you understand what families are going through. High insurance rates. It’s pedestrian, but it’s the stuff that wins elections.”

The majority of voters, including Democrats, have expressed concern regarding the 81-year-old president’s age and fitness, with a Pew Research poll in April finding that 65% of respondents have “little to no confidence” that Biden has the physical or mental capability to be president and only 36% believing the same of Trump.

Trump, who is 77, in November posted a health report from his doctor asserting he was in “excellent” condition and had shed some pounds through improving his diet and “daily physical activity,” according to The New York Times. Trump’s doctor said the former president’s bodyguard in February 2017 came to his office and took all of Trump’s medical documents, according to NBC News.

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Then-White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asserted this was “standard operating procedure for a new president,” according to NBC. “Those records were being transferred over to the White House Medical Unit, as requested.”

Comedian Bill Maher on Monday said during an appearance on Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” that Trump does not “present as old” but Biden does, despite the two being close in age. “He’s like KISS. He puts on the wig and the face paint and it’s 1976 all over again,” Maher said.

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