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“Ladies Love Eggplant Lasagna” Flows Perfectly with LL Cool J

Christopher Zito

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ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The entertaining video is against the backdrop of the buzzing new song, “Going Back to Cali (Reimagined as Drum and Bass)”, a tribute to LL Cool J from renowned producer Jonathan Hay and distributed by Fat Beats Records.

Christopher Zito (known as “Zito”), a food production content creator, has just released a new video, “Ladies Love Eggplant Lasagna”, that pays homage to his grandmother’s eggplant lasagna recipe.

The video highlights Zito’s passion for food storytelling while keeping the content lively with the buzzing new song, “Going Back to Cali (Reimagined as Drum and Bass)”.

Jonathan Hay, who has worked with notable stars like the Wu Tang Clan and Rhianna, became impressed with Zito’s work and chose to give Zito a platform by letting him incorporate “Going Back to Cali (Reimagined as Drum and Bass)” in one of his cooking videos.

Talking about the recipe’s origins, Zito said, “My grandma and I had something in common as we didn’t measure anything. We always used to wing it, and it turned out to be amazing every time. Without an exact measurement, it’s never the same, it always has an iconic taste, and it’s always new, so people can’t get bored of it.”

Zito’s channels have cooking videos that provide visual and audible entertainment that encourages people to try new recipes. On the collaboration with Jonathan, Zito commented, “I listened to the song on repeat while cooking and editing to draw inspiration from the flow of this amazing song. This helped the video match the upbeat, jazzy, and mysterious nature of Jonathan’s version of LL Cool J’s ‘Going Back to Cali.’ I implemented the sound FX from some of my favorite video games and shows as a child. I also took inspiration from other cooking videos and added fun visuals to put the FX into overdrive.”

The video has received a lot of praise from people on social media who find it entertaining and “a must-watch for people who want to go back to the good old days of their grandmother’s cooking”. The video has helped attract attention to Zito’s growing body of work.

Multiple shares, comments, and lots of support from friends and family, public figures, and genuine food lovers helped him hit 2,000 views within two days on Facebook. The videos help people fall in love with cooking and inspire them to start cooking at home while listening to a classic song in the backdrop.

People interested in learning more about Zito’s work can check out his video mentioned below.




More about Zito:
Zito is a food production video enthusiast who loves to create entertaining content about cuisines from around the globe. He attended Full Sail University and graduated with an A.S. in Audio Engineering. He has a song called High Horse published on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

He also worked for Ample Opportunity Inc. and became a sales leader, teaching and developing sales teams. He belongs to the ministry at Northland Church and helps disaster victims passionately. He also attends a UFC gym where he made friends with the owner and became business partners, renting out his spare boxing ring for local events.

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