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Largo’s Conservative Grounds Hosted a ‘Red Round-Up’ on Saturday

August 24, 2020

By: Staff Report

LARGO, Fla. – On Saturday, conservative candidates and supporters met up for a ‘Red Round-Up’ of winners from the primary election in Pinellas County, hosted by Conservative Grounds.

Political candidates and elected officials in attendance Saturday were:

  • Anna Paulina Luna (R) who will be facing Congressman Charlie Crist (D)
  • Stephanie Meyer for School Board
  • Tammy Vasquez (R) for Pinellas County Commission
  • Larry Ahren (R) for Pinellas County Commission
  • Mike Twitty (R) Pinellas County Property Appraiser

Owner of Conservative Grounds, Cliff Gephart said, “We had 400 to 500 people here on Saturday. This was a great way to get to know the candidates and was happy to host this round-up.”

trump rally
SOURCE: Penny Lee Todd

“I had such an amazing morning at Conservative Grounds meeting our Republican primary ‘Red Wave’ winners This is the time that we need to seriously rally behind these amazing prolific leaders,” said Penny Lee Todd.

Todd added, “Conservative Grounds was a sponsor of the world’s largest boat parade last weekend. The Trump boat parade, so huge they are still counting the stats. Conservative Grounds not only serves up great coffee, pastries, and ice cream but they support all our local Conservative candidates too.”

On a call, Sunday, Gephart spoke about the Trump Boat Parade, where boaters took to the ocean water of Clearwater, Florida on Saturday, August 15th, to break the Guinness Book of World Records, for the world’s largest boat parade, and has now created ‘MAGA in the Bay’, for Tampa area boaters.

“We wanted to create a conservative parade for boaters in the bay area. Ruskin Apollo Beach, and the Tampa Bay boaters, who weren’t able to boat up to Clearwater,” said Gephart.

“We already have over 1,000 interested in attending MAGA in The Bay,” Gephart added.

Waiting on the official tallies for the Clearwater boat parade, officials at Guinness World Records said they are examining whether the Trump boat parade was the largest, a process that could take weeks.

“We can confirm we have received an application for this title and attempt. We are currently awaiting evidence to review,” Amanda Marcus, public relations manager at Guinness World Records, told the AP in an email. 

“Our standard application review process can take up to 12-15 weeks of submission. Once received and reviewed, our Records Management Team will then confirm the success or failure of the record attempt,” Marcus said.

‘MAGA in the Bay’ is planned for October 17th and you can get more information here on the Facebook event page.

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