A former Trump administration official announced a new legal aid program to represent workers racially discriminated against by companies on Fox News Monday.

Legal Group Founded By Former Trump Aide Targets Biden’s IRS

Last year, President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats set aside $80 billion for the IRS to hire 87,000 more agents.
Stephen Miller (Screengrab Fox News)

Last year, President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats set aside $80 billion for the IRS to hire 87,000 more agents.

Critics, especially on the right, charged that the move would mean more audits and more tax collection from middle- and lower-class earners.

News reports this week indicated the IRS missed the Feb. 17 deadline to spell out what it intends to do with the money, which is slated to be spent over the next decade.

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But a public interest legal group founded by one of former President Donald Trump’s top advisers, Stephen Miller, is not waiting around to learn what the IRS intends to do.

In fact, America First Legal maintains that Biden has already authorized the IRS to target white and Asian households for more audits with a recent executive order promoting “equity.”

In a press release issued Tuesday, ALF said it had “launched an investigation of the Biden Administration’s illegal plans for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to make race-based tax audit and enforcement decisions” — which Congress has outlawed.

Biden’s Treasury Department, the group noted, has used “racial equity” as a “key factor in the design of tax compliance,” and illegally “examining the tax system through a racial equity lens.”

Top Treasury Department officials, it added, are “committed to imputing race and ethnicity into tax data for the purpose of ensuring that more white, Asian, and mixed-race Americans are audited based solely on their race or national origin.”

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Then came Biden’s provocative executive order on Friday.

That document, ALF said, directs federal agencies to “prevent and remedy discrimination, including by protecting the public from algorithmic discrimination.”

“Consequently, there is very strong reason to believe that the Treasury Department is altering the IRS’s audit algorithms to illegally operationalize racial quotas and/or requiring agents to use imputed race and ethnicity data to ensure ‘racial equity,’” ALF said.

The group pointed out that not only did the Democratic Congress approve the funding for Biden’s army of auditors, but the IRS also leaked confidential taxpayers’ records to the left-wing media outlet ProPublica.

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“And now, the IRS appears to be preparing to make enforcement decisions based on race,” ALF said.

The group pledged that it will “continue fighting relentlessly to stop the Biden Administration’s radical, racist, and illegal ‘equity’ plans to protect the equality and dignity of every American citizen.

In a statement, ALF’s founder and president, Stephen Miller, Trump’s former top adviser on immigration policy, stated, “As pledged, we will relentlessly oppose Biden’s new Marxist edict directing all federal employees to submit and surrender to the racialist and racist equity agenda.”

“We will not allow the machinery of the federal government, with all its considerable and awesome powers, to be used to categorize and punish Americans based on skin color or to replace our entire constitutional order with race-and-gender-based marxism. Today’s investigation is just the very beginning of our battle against this tyrannical executive order.“

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Gene Hamilton, AFL’s general counsel, added in a statement, “The notion that race should play any role whatsoever in the IRS’s operations is absurd, offensive to the American ideal, and illegal. But the Biden Administration is so blinded by its relentless obsession with race that it is willing to make IRS enforcement decisions based on the race of American citizens.”

“We will fight their attempts to erode equality under the law and expose their attempts to inject toxic ‘equity’-based policies throughout the federal government,” said Hamilton.

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