Letter to The Editor – Stand Up For Whats Right

Letter by: Stand Up For What’s Right

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – Don’t let personality trump policy on election day. Don’t vote for Biden just because you hate Trump; the land of the free and the home of the brave is much too important to all of us. America needs to be saved. My father gave up his future to fight in Korea; my father-in-law in WWII. We cannot let a Joe Biden America destroy the ideals people like them sacrificed so much to preserve.

We, as Americans, have never been faced with such a stark contrast between candidates. Our choices are a bull-in-a-China-closet disrupter and a kind but doddering, weak man. If I’m looking for a protector of this incredible nation, I will select the bull-in-a-China-closet over the kind, doddering, weak man. Especially when the kind, doddering, weak man, no matter how stately, has already had his chance in Washington – a 47-year chance – and has already failed us in so many ways.

You may dislike Donald Trump because he’s a loud, forceful fighter instead of your average run-of-the-mill politician, but isn’t that a good thing because he is fighting for American values? A doddering, weak-man-administration, a Joe Biden America, is not the America of our dreams. Joe Biden is not capable of making us better, of protecting us from rogue nations or from the radical mobs his own administration has been encouraging on our streets. Joe Biden is a proud, life-long, member of the Washington DC elitist, political, deep state who believes he can rule over all of us pitifully ignorant citizens by pulling the wool over our eyes and seducing us into believing the lies of him and his party. Lies such as he cares about black and brown Americans; he only cares during an election year. He has been pulled far to the left and is supporting the destruction of America as we know it. My deceased veteran father deserves better! All of us who truly love this country deserve better!

Can you imagine a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris America? Can you imagine a country with no borders, illegal immigrants pouring in at will while us hard-working tax-payers are footing the bill for their healthcare and living expenses? Can you imagine a country where every conservative voice is silenced? Can you imagine a country where your religious freedom as a Christian is gone? Can you imagine a country where our tax dollars are used to bail out the most radical sanctuary cities? Can you imagine a country where your guns are confiscated, leaving you unable to protect your family while BLM and Antifa flood the streets of our communities and our hero police forces are defunded and dismantled? Close your eyes for 30 seconds and imagine that type of America. Imagine our great flag being burned to the ground. Imagine abortion up until the moment of birth. Imagine the sky-high cost of everyday items such as bread and aspirin when socialism takes root. Imagine a country with government-controlled healthcare where there are no options, no second opinions, and no “right to try” when you learn you are terminally ill. This is a Joe Biden America.

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign has been a pandering, smoke and mirrors campaign. He is helplessly being propped up and carried forward by the most radical left-wing democratic party in the history of our great nation. He may be a nice, doddering, weak man but he’s not running his own show or writing his own scripts. He has chosen to surround himself by the far left-wing – starting with his VP choice, Kamala Harris. If that nice, doddering, weak man doesn’t complete his first term of office, our new President would be the most liberal voting senator in Congress. Joe Biden did not select Kamala Harris because of her aptitude for the job or because she is good for America; he selected Kamala Harris because he promised the left-wing he would select a woman of color. He is pandering to make up for his documented decades of racism that the anti-Trump media has chosen to ignore. His VP choice should tell you a great deal about his decision-making skills, or lack thereof. Hmm. Mike Pence v Kamala Harris. Qualifications v woke radicalism.

What news channels do you watch? What social media do you consume on a daily basis? Open your eyes, Floridians, compare and contrast the Trump/Pence v Biden/Harris visions for America. If you hate Donald Trump, I’m willing to bet it’s because of the news channels you watch and the social media you consume. Donald Trump has been the target of a well-orchestrated, not-so-silent, coup since before he won the 2016 election because the deep state hates him; more correctly, the deep state is afraid of him because he has learned their nasty little secrets. That fear drives their hatred. Main stream media lies about him, mocks him, and will never give him and his administration the respect or positive press they deserve; every news outlet – from TV news to social media to newspapers – attacks, denounces, demeans, and degrades him at every turn. Their failure to be true journalists are sure to help ruin the America of our dreams if enough Floridians, and Americans, don’t wake up and pay attention before election day.

Donald Trump loves America; he never needed this job, yet he saw so much wrong with our government that he wanted to fix it. He’s done amazing things despite the terrible Covid-19 pandemic. Be honest with yourself and start thinking about some of the remarkable accomplishments he’s had during his administration. Opportunity Zones. A soaring stock market and jobs, jobs, jobs…bringing corporations back to America. Investing in our military personnel and equipment; bringing our troops home from foreign countries where they don’t belong. Fixing the VA so veterans don’t die while waiting for an appointment. Guaranteed funding for historically black colleges. Trade deals that actually put America first. Standing up to China, North Korea, and Russia (yes Russia – the media doesn’t tell you that). Finally gaining control of our southern border to stop the in pouring of drugs and human traffickers. Prison reform; working to release many who were wrongly incarcerated. Middle East Peace Treaties. Initializing an effort to bring back Patriotic Education to our children. Delivering a true American-businessman work ethic to the White House. Bringing down ISIS – remember ISIS during the Obama years decapitating prisoners? Standing up to big Pharma to decrease drug prices beginning January 2021. Uncovering the despicable behavior of our own CIA and FBI – main stream media outlets are hiding this from the American people! Donald Trump WORKS tirelessly for all of us.

There are many reasons to vote for Trump/Pence. The number one reason I will vote for Trump/Pence is their response to Covid-19. What? Does that shock you? If it shocks you, it’s because you are sucked into the false narratives flooding American media. I’m immune-compromised and will likely die if exposed to Covid-19. Donald Trump and his Operation Warp Speed have been my only source of hope that I will have a life after Covid-19. Joe Biden would not have done that; go check out the pitiful Obama/Biden record on H1N1. Covid-19 is not Donald Trump’s fault; it’s not his fault our immune systems cannot handle this virus. China developed this virus and unleashed it globally; only China knows if this was a purposeful act or an accident, but regardless it happened. It is a novel virus, a brand-new virus.  Donald Trump had no knowledge of this virus or how it worked; he was lied to by China and by the World Health Organization. He was constantly given conflicting advice from the so-called experts, yet the media blames only him. The world’s Covid-19 deaths lie at China’s feet, not Donald Trump’s. While our own Democratic Party was dismissing the virus and focusing on impeaching our President, he continued to work for us. He banned travel from China and then Europe. He created the Covid-19 Task Force with the capable Mike Pence at the helm. He spurred on the creation of ventilators and PPE that the Obama/Biden administration had depleted during H1N1 and never replenished. Most importantly, he started Operation Warp Speed. No other Presidential administration in our history has ever motivated the private/governmental scientific/pharmaceutical communities to work together in this way to develop therapeutics and vaccines.

Joe Biden has embraced the Communist Chinese Regime; they have funded his family and endorsed his Presidential candidacy all while they are arresting, silencing, and murdering their own citizens who try to tell the truth about this virus.

Please don’t naively and blindly believe the lies of the media outlets and the Joe Biden campaign. Be smarter than that, stand up for what is right, and look for facts on your own; the real facts. Realize that Washington DC will not stop until Donald Trump is out of the White House because he is not one of them, and he has exposed so much corruption. Take a day and do a deep dive into the real news. You’ll have to search on your own as big tech is hiding all the good stuff from you; the real truth is buried out there on the web, but you likely won’t find it using Google as your search engine, and you most definitely won’t find it on Facebook or Twitter.

Donald Trump has accomplished more for America, all of America, than any other President in our lifetime, all while having to battle against the not-so-silent coup. Joe Biden may be stately and kind but don’t forget he is also a doddering, weak man being propped up by radical left-wing activists. Do you want to live in America, or do you want to live in Cuba or Venezuela? We really have only one choice this election day if we want to save America, and it is Trump/Pence, NOT Biden/Harris. I’ll proudly choose the bull-in-a-China-closet to protect me, my family, and, most importantly, America.

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