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Levin: Florida Gov. DeSantis Is ‘Very Impressive,’ And ‘Done A Helluva Job’ Handling COVID

Considering the media-driven COVID-19 confrontation between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Dr. Anthony Fauci, bestselling author and prominent conservative commentator Mark Levin has no doubt about who has dealt with the pandemic better.

DeSantis, Levin said recently on his BlazeTV show, is “more knowledgable about this than any federal politician, for sure.”

“He’s enormously successful about what he’s doing, and the people know it. They’re flooding into the state of Florida,” Levin added.

“They want to live in Florida where the people are free, where the man uses rational analysis.”

In contrast, Levin dubbed Fauci a “disaster,” and an “egomaniac.”

“He is a marketing person more than a substantive person,” Levin argued, and worse he’s wholly dismissive of experts who disagree with him.

Juxtaposing the response of the Florida Republican with the Faucistas who want more masking, more lockdowns, and less living, Levin suggested you could learn all you need to know by looking at football stadiums.

Despite the gloomy predictions of liberals, Levin noted college stadiums have been filled every weekend with tens of thousands of rowdy, cheering people, largely without masks and “living their lives,” and there have been no superspreader events.

Beyond that, though, Levin noted DeSantis has been proven right by noting COVID is a “seasonal disease,” by insisting that the elderly get vaccinated first, and by being “way out front” with therapeutics like monoclonal antibody treatments.

DeSantis, Levin added, was “so far out front” on the treatment side that President Joe Biden barged in with an “unbelievable act of inhumanity” to ration the cure.

The governor also understood the masking-in-schools situation better than the Fauci cult, mostly because he himself has young children.

“He’s very, very impressive,” Levin said of DeSantis. “He’s done a helluva job.”

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4 Replies to “Levin: Florida Gov. DeSantis Is ‘Very Impressive,’ And ‘Done A Helluva Job’ Handling COVID”

  1. President Biden did not ‘ration the cure’. He is trying to see that all of us are treated fairly. Did Levin bet his degree at Millionaires R Us University? DeSantis has gone overboard in exposing Floridians to Covid 19. He doesn’t care about our safety. He only cares about campaign slogans and raising money for his next campaign.

  2. There was no need to ration the monoclonal antibodies. There are many reports that the federal government has plenty. This was a nasty political move to hurt DeSantis and floridians.

  3. Gov Desantis cares about the health and prosperity of all Floridians. I’d gladly trade Gov Clueless (Va) for the superb leadership of Gov Desantis.

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