ERO Baltimore arrests Guatemalan national convicted of sex crimes against Maryland minor (ICE)

Maryland Court Suspends Sentence, Ignores ICE Detainer For Illegal Immigrant Convicted Of Child Sex Crimes

ERO Baltimore arrests Guatemalan national convicted of sex crimes against Maryland minor (ICE)
ERO Baltimore arrests Guatemalan national convicted of sex crimes against Maryland minor (ICE)

Maintaining public safety and upholding the rule of law are paramount responsibilities for any government. When individuals with criminal histories and unlawful immigration status are allowed to remain in communities, it can pose a significant threat to the well-being of law-abiding citizens.

The case of Raul Calderon-Interiano, a Guatemalan national convicted of sex crimes against a minor in Maryland, highlights the complex challenges faced by immigration enforcement agencies and the critical need for coordinated efforts to protect vulnerable populations.

In May 2023, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Baltimore apprehended Raul Calderon-Interiano near his residence in Baltimore. Calderon-Interiano, a 25-year-old Guatemalan national, had been convicted of sex crimes against a minor in Maryland and posed a serious threat to other children in the area, according to ERO.

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The ERO Baltimore Fugitive Operations Team made the arrest after actively tracking Calderon-Interiano’s movements.

Calderon-Interiano’s criminal history dates back to 2014, when he was encountered by U.S. Border Patrol as an unaccompanied minor near Laredo, Texas. At that time, he had unlawfully entered the United States without being properly inspected, admitted, or paroled by a U.S. immigration official. The Border Patrol subsequently served Calderon-Interiano with a notice to appear before a Department of Justice immigration judge.

In 2015, an immigration judge in Baltimore ordered Calderon-Interiano’s removal from the United States to Guatemala, but he remained in the country. In January 2023, the Baltimore County Police Department arrested Calderon-Interiano and charged him with a range of sex crimes, including sex abuse of a minor, attempted sex abuse of a minor, and multiple counts of assault.

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On April 10, 2024, the Circuit Court for Baltimore County convicted Calderon-Interiano of sex offense in the fourth degree and assault in the second degree. The court sentenced him to a total of six years in prison, followed by five years of probation. However, the court then suspended all of Calderon-Interiano’s prison time, effectively allowing him to avoid serving any jail time for his crimes.

The court also ordered Calderon-Interiano to register as a Tier-1 sex offender, which is the lowest level of sex offender registration in Maryland. This designation suggests that the court did not view Calderon-Interiano’s crimes as particularly egregious, despite the serious nature of his convictions.

While Calderon-Interiano was in the custody of the Baltimore County Detention Center, ERO Baltimore lodged an immigration detainer against him. An immigration detainer is a request from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to state or local law enforcement agencies to notify ICE before releasing a removable noncitizen from their custody.

However, on an unknown date, the Baltimore County Detention Center refused to honor ERO Baltimore’s immigration detainer and released Calderon-Interiano from custody. This decision by the local authorities effectively undermined the efforts of federal immigration enforcement agencies to apprehend and remove Calderon-Interiano, who had been ordered deported years earlier.

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“Raul Calderon-Interiano was convicted of sex crimes against a local child and posed a significant threat to other Maryland children,” said ERO Baltimore acting Field Office Director Matthew Elliston. “We will not tolerate the residents of our communities to be victimized by unlawfully present sex offenders. The women and men of ERO Baltimore will continue to prioritize the safety of our public by aggressively arresting and removing noncitizen predators from our neighborhoods.”

Immigration detainers are critical public safety tools used by ICE to focus enforcement resources on removable noncitizens who have been arrested for criminal activity. These detainers allow for the direct transfer of a noncitizen from state or local custody to ICE custody, minimizing the potential for the individual to reoffend and conserving scarce government resources.

By refusing to honor the immigration detainer in Calderon-Interiano’s case, the Baltimore County Detention Center jeopardized public safety and undermined the efforts of federal immigration authorities to remove a convicted sex offender from the community. This decision highlights the ongoing tensions and challenges between local and federal jurisdictions when it comes to addressing the presence of noncitizens with criminal histories.

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As the principal federal law enforcement authority responsible for domestic immigration enforcement, ERO plays a crucial role in identifying, arresting, and removing noncitizens who pose a threat to public safety. ERO’s mission is to protect the homeland by targeting individuals who undermine the safety of U.S. communities and the integrity of U.S. immigration laws.

In the case of Raul Calderon-Interiano, ERO Baltimore’s Fugitive Operations Team demonstrated their commitment to this mission by tracking down and apprehending the convicted sex offender after he was released from local custody.

However, the fact that Calderon-Interiano was able to evade deportation for years, despite having a final order of removal, highlights the need for stronger cooperation and coordination between federal and local authorities.

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