Melford Bibens: Helping Businesses Succeed through Automation and Optimization

Melford Bibens

Melford Bibens helps his clients succeed through qualities that need to be incorporated in any thriving business, namely automation and optimization.

Businesses hire me to optimize their systems through automation. You should be able to multiply your business by more than ten times once you add automation and optimization into the systems.”

— Melford Bibens

BRADENTON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2021 / — Sarasota, Florida-based Melford Bibens has spent nearly two decades empowering and teaching Doctors, Mental Health Advocates, and Health Professionals how to accelerate patient results and enhance office culture while also increasing practice profits.

While many people aim to optimize their business by “10x”, the ambitious Bibens, who co-owns Electronic Publishers Unlimited, LLC with his wife Concetta, believes that this is too small a target and that most businesses should be aiming far higher.

“Businesses hire me to optimize their systems through automation. You should be able to multiply your business by more than ten times once you add automation and optimization into the systems. So many business owners are fantastic at what they do, but they have no idea that their highest cost is new customers, and their biggest loss is losing that customer and having to regain a new one. They will never reach their goal if they work in their business all day, every day. There is a possibility to automate most systems of a business in a way that you will make 30x-40x profit per year,” said Bibens, speaking on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast with Phil Pelucha.

Amidst the fourth industrial revolution and the effects of the pandemic, it has become essential for all entrepreneurs to learn how to network and communicate online effectively. However, Bibens believes that a fundamental lack of online etiquette is the downfall of many modern-day entrepreneurs. It is also essential to automate this communication with customers to prevent over-working, leading to a loss of enthusiasm towards work.

“Many business owners do not have a social media presence which gave fitness gurus an advantage over other businesses. Normal business owners often interact badly on social media. However, manners still matter; thinking about the other person still matters. You need to be personable because everyone is so conditioned to be online that they forget they have normal conversations. If you have a half-decent marketing campaign, that will help. The most important thing you can do at a time like this is getting referrals,” said Bibens.

Bibens went into sales directly after college, working in the car industry, and it was there that he realized that customer service is an essential thing in the world. He always had an idea of how to service the perfect customer, which has been the backbone of his success as an entrepreneur.

“Our success has come from trying to service that one perfect person and then finding a million people just like them. If there is a secret to our success, we drill our avatar down so tight that we know everything about the person we are trying to help. We bring them all of their pain solutions plus another one because if they have more solutions than they need, they will refer us to others,” said Bibens.

An exciting upcoming project that Bibens has in store for the public is a business incubator, and he invites everyone to join.

“We do not want you to feel like you don’t have access to experts. We want to make sure that we can teach you right from the start-up stage until you can optimize your business and go public. This is why we have formed a syndicate for people who have done things like taken companies public and had nine-figure infomercials. This is where we want to help because even if you are a startup, the same lessons apply as if you were a seven-figure company. You still have to keep your employers and customers happy,” said Bibens.

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