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Minnesota Law Firm Battles For Critical Race Theory Opponents, Saying Clients Don’t Want To Convert To Its ‘Warped’ Ideology

A Minnesota public interest law firm is taking on Critical Race Theory, claiming it is an affront to the very civil rights movement it claims to represent.

In fact, the law firm claims, proponents of CRT are behaving just like the KKK and other racists of yore who fought the advance of civil rights in the 1960s.

Accordingly, lawyers from the Upper Midwest Law Center said in a press release last week that they are beginning to line up clients who are concerned about being fired, demoted or simply “judged” as racists because they oppose CRT, which the firm characterized as an “abhorrent, racially-divisive ideology, grounded in Marxism and anti-Americanism.”

The UMLC said it would pursue EEOC complaints and state and federal lawsuits against public agencies and school districts that promote CRT. It seeks to hold accountable “politicians, employers and institutional leaders’ [who] are either afraid or too ‘woke’ themselves to follow the law, confront the new commissars of CRT and stop their abuses.”

According to the education website, at least 28 states have taken steps to ban CRT in some capacity. Minnesota is not among them.

The UMLC identified five clients who are suing employers or a public school district for using CRT to “covert” them to its “warped” ideology.

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  • “Our clients believe that not being judged by race or ethnicity is a right, not a privilege. They believe all have the right and responsibility to understand and critically assess history and culture and that no one should ever have advantages or detriments based on race” the UMLC said in a press release.

    “But, shockingly, the Critical Race Theory message in 2021 to students and employees in Minnesota public schools, state agencies, public hospitals, and many private schools and business corporations is the opposite.”

    That message, in short: “White people are ‘oppressors’ who benefit from systemic racism, that Blacks are ‘oppressed’ by Whites who are intrinsically racist whatever they do, and that other groups are ‘White-adjacent’ junior oppressors unless they join the attack on Whites.”

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  • “The practical consequences of this CRT, BLM [Black Lives Matter] or 1619 Project ideology (all with Marxist origins) include the familiar hallmarks of racial discrimination from the Civil Rights Era: race-based discrimination and favoritism, bullying of critics, name-calling and retaliation,” the statement continued.

    “Whites are a target of course, but CRT is rejected by many of all races who see it as bad for everyone and as denying minorities’ ability to take charge of their lives.”

    They support this by quoting the actual writings of Ibram X. Kendi, the godfather of the current CRT movement. “The only remedy to racist discrimination is anti-racist discrimination,” Kendi wrote in his book, “How To Be An Anti-Racist.” “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

    The UMLC said its clients seek to end the “‘official’ propagandizing of CRT and the bullying and retaliation which accompany it, and appropriate remedies for the harm caused to them and others.”

    “UMLC will pursue these charges and lawsuits until we can achieve justice for them and a vindication of the American principle reaffirmed by Martin Luther King, Jr., of judging people by the ‘content of their character,’ not the color of their skin, or their willingness to submit to CRT ideology.”

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