A Kentucky family has been sued by a land title company for allegedly conspiring and committing fraud, theft and conversion to purchase a luxury home in Ruskin, Florida. The alleged illegally purchased

‘My House Burned Down and My Daughter Died’ Family Fraud and Conspiracy

RUSKIN, Fla. – A Kentucky family has been sued by a land title company for allegedly conspiring and committing fraud, theft, and conversion to purchase a home in Ruskin, Florida. The alleged illegally purchased home located at 7302 Somerset Pond Drive boasts a price tag of $302,000. According to Realtor.com, “the stunning pond view home” is a “fully-equipped smart home” with “a surround-sound theater room” and a walk-in closet that is “every woman’s dream.”

The alleged conspiracy began when one of three co-defendants, Vikita Fletcher, received proceeds from the sale of her Sharpsburg, Kentucky home in the amount of nearly $135,000 from Bluegrass Land Title of Lexington, Kentucky. The transaction occurred on July 15, 2020.  The next day, however, a duplicate payment was erroneously deposited into Fletcher’s bank account.  Fletcher did not return the excess funds. Instead, she forwarded most of the funds to her son-in-law, Glen Earl Hagood, her official point of contact who is also a co-defendant, who promised Bluegrass Land Title thereafter that he would return the money the next day, which he did not. He then purchased the Ruskin luxury home within two weeks, with allegations that he, his wife, and mother-in-law used the money to make the home purchase and spend on various goods and activities. According to the Bluegrass Land Title’s lawsuit, when unnamed police later communicated with Hagood, he stated he knew the duplicate wire transfer did not belong to him or his family but said he couldn’t return the money because the house had burned down and his daughter had died. The lawsuit says that the two statements on the house burning down and his daughter dying, are in fact a lie. We can confirm that the house is standing and has never seen a structure fire.

Hagood’s wife, Brittney Hagood, maintains two aliases that alter her first name’s spelling and alter her last name to presumably her maiden name. Monies from her mother’s accounts were transferred to her account later in the alleged conspiracy. Glen Hagood then claimed Bluegrass Land Title that due to his bank’s refusal to wire such a large sum of money and subsequent frozen bank accounts and then the title company’s erroneous wire transfer address, he lost a deposit on a new home.  The cat-and-mouse game of why the duplicate funds could not be returned appears elaborate and convoluted. Hagood could not be reached for comment.

Glen Hagood has a previous arrest record, although the case’s outcome could not be found after numerous court searches. In 2010, Kentucky’s Fulton County law enforcement charged him with second-degree “Criminal Possession of (a) Forged Instrument.” What influence his mother-in-law and wife have over his conduct is unknown, or vice versa, but the fair question is, who is the core perpetrator within the family in this particular case? Is there family coercion involved? 

The Metro Lexington Police have been pursuing Vikita Fletcher. At their request, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the family’s new luxury home with a warrant for her arrest. However, since this case is still under active investigation, details of what transpired during the visit are not obtainable.

An inquiry was sent to Bluegrass Land Title’s attorney, Darrin J. Quam of Stearns, Weaver, Miller, Weissler, Alhadeff and Sitterson, P.A., of Tampa, Florida.  There was no response.

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