Nia Lawton and Moshe Kraus (Sunshine Foundation)

New York Children With Special Needs Receive Dreams Through Sunshine Foundation

Nia Lawton and Moshe Kraus (Sunshine Foundation)
Nia Lawton and Moshe Kraus (Sunshine Foundation)

The Sunshine Foundation is thrilled to announce that Nia Lawton and Moshe Kraus have recently been granted their dreams, bringing joy and hope to their lives and the lives of their families.

Nia, a bright and spirited child who is legally blind and has a speech delay, experienced a Magical Dream at the Central Florida theme parks with her family.

Moshe, who lives with SLC1A4 deficiency, a rare gene deficiency causing abnormalities in the brain and other medical conditions, received a Special Dream of an adaptive stroller.

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This gift has significantly improved Moshe’s mobility and quality of life, granting him the freedom to explore the world around him with greater ease and comfort.

“I had an amazing trip. I enjoyed spending time with my family and celebrating my birthday in Florida,” said Nia, Dreamer.

“Thank you!! Thank You!!  A DREAM COME TRUE!!!  My new lightweight, adaptive stroller will allow me to go places that were never accessible with my wheelchair!” said Moshe, Dreamer.

Sunshine Foundation answers dreams to children with life-long severe chronic illnesses and conditions such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, level 3 severe autism, Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, severe epilepsy, Sickle Cell Disease, blindness, deafness, trauma from abuse, and others.

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To make these dreams a reality for children who may be turned away from other wish-granting organizations that require a life-threatening or critical diagnosis,

Sunshine Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations, and corporations. Nia and Moshe’s “Dreams Come True” were made possible through donations from Rite Aid Healthy Futures and a generous donor. You can also help make a dream come true by donating at

The most common request is a Magical Dream to visit Legoland, Universal Studios, Disney World, and SeaWorld while choosing to stay at the Sunshine Foundation Dream Village near Disney.

Sunshine Foundation also answers Special Dreams: shopping sprees, computers and iPads, outdoor playsets, above-ground swimming pools, family trips, cruises, adaptive tricycles and other special needs equipment, and many more.

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Since 1976, the Sunshine Foundation has spread Sunshine into the lives of more than 42,500 children throughout the United States. Proud to be the Top-Rated Wish-Granting Organization in America with a perfect 100% score on Charity Navigator and “A” Rated on CharityWatch! For more information or to make a donation, please visit

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