goat and deputy

Not Kid’n Around, Goat Takes Over Sheriff Deputies Car

September 6, 2020

by: Staff Report

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. – The deputy, who is not named, reportedly left her car door open while serving civil papers, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post sharing the video of the goat.

“The deputy explained that due to the number of houses she visits daily, she routinely leaves her vehicle’s door open because she has had to retreat on a number of occasions from vicious dogs,” the sheriff’s office said. “Never once did she expect or even consider what was about to happen this day.”

“I hope that goat don’t get in my car,” she’s heard saying.

As if on cue, the animal does exactly that.

“Oh sh**, he’s eating the paper,” the deputy says as she strides toward her patrol car. She then opens the passenger door and tries to shoo the animal. It doesn’t budge, the video shows.

Enjoy the video:

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