DC Pipe Bomber

On Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz’s Podcast, Kentucky Congressman Sheds Light On J6 Bomb Story

DC Pipe Bomber
DC Pipe Bomber (File)

Despite making more than 1,200 arrests of the rioters at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, one mystery of that incident remains unsolved: the FBI has never caught the alleged bomber who planted pipe bombs outside the national headquarters of both the Republican and the Democratic parties the night before the riot.

In fact, the FBI has been so perplexed by the supposed bombing attempt that earlier this month, CBS News noted the feds had jacked up the reward for an arrest to $500,000.

“The unsolved mystery continues to elude investigators three years later, even amid a public campaign providing detailed maps, security camera video, and potentially identifying information,” CBS reported, adding that the FBI, ATF, Washington Metropolitan Police Department, and the U.S. Capitol Police assert that the case remains a high priority for them.

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On Tuesday, though, Republican Rep. Thomas Massie shed some light on this head-scratcher: the person who found the supposed bomb at the Democratic HQ was an undercover cop.

Massie made the comment to GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz during Gaetz’s “Firebrand” podcast.

The revelation is significant because, as Gaetz noted, authorities long claimed that the most likely person who found the bomb at the Democratic campus was in fact the suspect who planted it.

In the interview with Gaetz, Massie also suggested that the feds’ unwillingness to discuss specifics of the bombs is part of an “ongoing cover-up.”

The Kentucky congressman recounted the “miraculous timing” of the discovery of the bomb near the GOP facility. That occurred just five minutes before the mob breached the perimeter at the Capitol.

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The bomb outside the Democratic facility was found 15 minutes after that, Massie noted.

The discovery was so harrowing that the Secret Service evacuated then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris from the building.

Yet at the same time, despite the supposed potentially fatal danger to Harris and to passersby outside, including children, authorities seemed in no rush to recover the weapon.

That’s been the focus of analysis by some conservatives since the recent release of a 7-minute security video showing the spot where the bomb was found. 

Massie noted that, according to the report of the Democrats’ special committee that investigated the riot, the Capitol Police were set to reinforce barriers at the Capitol. Yet that didn’t happen after the bomb was discovered.

“The result of this [discovery] … was that it made it easier to breach the Capitol,” Massie told Gaetz.

That, in turn, made it easier to create a mob of potential “insurrectionists” who could be slapped with long prison terms. 

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In a recent interview with conservative journalist Benny Johnson, Darren Beattie of Revolver News, who has reported extensively on the pipe bombs and their connection to the riot, suggested two things are key to understanding the significance of the bomb at the Democrats’ facility.

First, he said, the lackadaisical attitude of Secret Service agents reacting to news of the bomb shows they did not think it was a threat. The question, he added, is how did they know that.

The second point is more about what’s not said about the bombs, especially the one at the Democratic HQ.

President Joe Biden and Harris, Beattie said, have built their whole re-election strategy around the J6 riot and tying that to former President Donald Trump.

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Yet in all their talk about the riot, neither Biden, Harris, nor any other prominent Democrat raises the issue of the bomb. In fact, Beattie added, in court filings the Justice Department has claimed Harris was at the Capitol during the riot when she was actually at the Democratic HQ, and she has said nothing about that falsehood as well. 

“How dark, how damning, and how utterly embarrassing does the truth have to be for these salivating political creatures to leave that delicious bar of chocolate on the table and not take a nibble?” Beattie told Johnson. 

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