Packages containing 40 pounds of fentanyl seized by CBP officers at Del Rio Port of Entry.

Op-Ed: Dear Drug Dealer

Packages containing 40 pounds of fentanyl seized by CBP officers at Del Rio Port of Entry.
Fentanyl Seized At The US Southern Border, From One Vehicle

I humbly ask that you discontinue adding Fentanyl and its analogs to your products. I believe that most products in your line, such as cocaine, heroin, etc. are already addictive in and of themselves and do not necessarily require additional assistance.

I understand that you will undoubtedly cut your product with something to increase your profit margin. May I suggest some cheap alternatives that are ok for human consumption? I googled it. Found some. 

While these “safer” cutting agents may not create more addiction, ergo more consumers, at least they will not likely kill your customers. Speaking of killing customers, it is common sense to not kill your customer base. Customers are required to purchase your goods. No customers = no money to put it simply. It only makes sense to preserve your loyal customer base while at the same time, attracting new customers. Referrals are a great way to increase sales! A dead customer cannot give referrals.

Speaking of attracting new customers, since your product essentially sells itself without need for an advertising budget, may I suggest you take that into account as an argument for NOT inserting Fentanyl into your product line?

Some of these new customers happen to be teenagers and other young people experimenting or partying with friends. Illicit opioid analogs hit them even harder. These potential new customers are lost to death or near-death overdose. How does that assist the bottom line?

Finally, research states that people have an average of 5 very close friends/family in their lives. It stands to reason that when one of your customers dies from accidental overdose (though how accidental when the guilty substance is purposefully contaminating?) at least 5 other people are affected. Those five people have been substantially affected and may react in various ways such as substance abuse, suicide, anger, vengeful feelings, or an unending urge to fight in preventing further similar deaths. Mr,/Ms. Drug Dealer, that last one is probably the most dangerous and if they are successful, you WILL have to seek other employment. 

The five people mentioned above also have five people each, who then have five people, and so on. If only 1 of the original five reacts in that last manner, the other four will follow. Then the five of five, etc. You see? They will win, and you will lose. May I suggest investing some of your ill-gotten funds in an above board business? I have some suggestions to help if you need them.

Sincerely, A Concerned Mother

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