Opinion- Who is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and What Does She Even Do?

April 25, 2020

By Sarah McCormick

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, better known by her initials AOC, is a Bronx-born Democratic bartender somehow-turned-politician in New York. How she got there remains a bit of a mystery, and what exactly she does – aside from lie, evoke race wars, behave like an actor aiming for a Golden Globe, and change her demeanor between each individual racial group that’s in her presence – is also a bit of a mystery.

AOC was the youngest woman to ever be elected to Congress when she began her ‘career’ in 2018.

When AOC took her seat in New York’s 14th Congressional District, she was literally propelled into the limelight with no hesitation by the Democratic party. Her admiration and suppport for Bernie Sanders and hers for her was palpable. Not only did she seemingly come out of nowhere, but her rise to fame would happen faster than any of us had the chance to even hear about her arrival.

A viral video which has made the rounds on YouTube depicts what looks like an audition on a casting couch of sorts, which gave rise to the conspiracy theory that Alexandria was cast into the position of Congresswoman. Even Sean Hannity spoke about the theory in a broadcast, lending more credibility to the theory and making some scratch their heads in wonder.

Since the beginning of her so-called career, she has made a name for herself for standing up to anything that makes sense at all, such as building the border wall and keeping illegal immigrants out. She conceived an extraordinary and elaborate false news story about President Trump ripping children away from their parents at the border, isolating them, and keeping them torn apart. She took iconic photos standing next to what she would have people believe was the Mexico-America border, in a white pants suit, fake tears, and all. Proof would later show she was standing next to an empty parking lot with paid actors standing next to her. You just gotta love CNN and the fake photo ops they are so good at capturing.

Truth be told, Trump wanted the wall and continues to build it to protect children who are being trafficked, and to protect the citizens of America from drugs, gangs, rape and murder. No children have been detained in cages or concentration camps as the MSM would have anybody believe. They must be confusing Trump with Obama, who did in fact stick migrant children in cages at the border.

The Green New Deal was her proudest moment, her brainchild, and it was also a stupid, ineffective, illogical idea that quite simply wouldn’t work no matter which way you spun the deal – but, we suppose you can’t really blame her. She tried. She is just a mere bartender, after all.

Then, there’s the videos of her acting and adapting to whatever crowd she happens to be around at the time to win them over, and gain their affection. See exhibit A.

And going off about things she pretends to care about.

The real question here is…what is her purpose? What is she accomplishing now? What has she accomplished ever?

It’s clear she was put in place with an agenda to fulfill; though whether that agenda is being fulfilled, that’s speculative and probably depends on what you consider to be ‘doing something’.

Word on the street is that Candace Owens, Republican from New York, is after AOC’s seat – and if we’re honest, we believe she’s a shoo-in. Not only that, but she has laid out a responsible, actual agenda that she would like to see come to fruition based upon what’s best for the American people – and she is definitely the right woman for the job.

AOC is entertaining to watch and listen to when things get boring and you need a good laugh, but that’s about as far as it goes. No one can take someone seriously who acts a fool in front of the camera every chance they get.

She may have been a really great bartender. It really doesn’t require the kind of skill it takes to hold public office. If she’d have asked me, I’d have said, “Don’t quit your day job.”


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