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Orlando Davis, Wild 94.1 FM Sued For Racist, Anti-Semitic Defamation

In November 2020, The Free Press reported on a music industry lawsuit filed by a once-popular hip-hop DJ known as “DJ Short-E.” It was filed against Orlando Davis, a leading music radio personality and program director employed by WiLD 94.1 FM.
Erik Mishiyev “DJ Short-E”

TAMPA, Fla. – In November 2020, The Free Press reported on a music industry lawsuit filed by a once-popular hip-hop DJ known as “DJ Short-E.” It was filed against Orlando Davis, a leading music radio personality and program director employed by WiLD 94.1 FM.

The radio station, known as “The Bay’s Party Station,” is owned by co-defendant Beasley Media Group located in Naples.

On September 2, “DJ Short-E” Eric Mishiyev issued an amended legal complaint filed in the Hillsborough County court system.

Reiterating his original complaint that defendant Davis set out to professionally destroy him, he adds new allegations accusing Davis, among other things, of making public, racist anti-Semitic remarks against him.

Orlando Davis is Black.

The lawsuit describes how Mishiyev was once an advertiser on WiLD 94.1 FM, promoting his DJ stints at Tampa’s Rain Lounge, where Derek Jeter, the Backstreet Boys, and other celebrities followed him. The suit claims Mishiyev was thereafter ridiculed and defamed by Davis. It states, “After years of unsuccessful attempts of trying to befriend and get along with Mr. Davis, the Program Director of WiLD 94.1 FM, he (Mishiyev) knew there was nothing he could do to that will gain his respect. Mr. Davis’s intent and motive was clear when he decided to “roast” Mr. Mishiyev live on the radio during his entire 4-hour shift on his morning show. This happened to Mr. Mishiyev on March 29th, 2011, and changed his career and life forever. Mr. Davis was heard making fun of Mr. Mishiyev’s Jewish last name (as he also did on social media, see exhibit screenshot); he made fun of the Plaintiffs business name Hot4ever LLC by calling it “Hot 4 Never” and told people not to hire him because he was an illicit drug user and bad DJ. To this day Mr. Mishiyev is known as the DJ that Mr. Davis doesn’t like, and people are scared to work with the Plaintiff because of the influential and powerful position Mr. Davis holds as the program director and morning show host for Beasley Media’s WiLD 94.1FM.”

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The lawsuit also states, “Plaintiff hasn’t been booked in approximately 10 years nor has he been featured in any more newspaper articles, since the Defendant ruined his reputation.”

On April 17, 2020, Davis is alleged to have admitted on-air that he was “the reason DJ Short-E didn’t make it the last 20 years.”

Mishiyev’s amended complaint also alleges that he was bullied and harassed by other employees of Beasley Media Group. Allegedly one employee of Beasley Media Group fraudulently registered Mishiyev’s trademark name, “DJ Short-E” but canceled it after Beasley’s corporate office in Naples was notified of the intellectual property theft.

More allegations abound in the lawsuit:

“Mr. Mishiyev received a YouTube award on June 22, 2017, and was known to be the only DJ in Tampa to accomplish this milestone. It was known that Mr. Mishiyev was growing fast and on his way to become a huge DJ/rap star, and based on information and belief, Mr. Davis and Beasley employees contacted YouTube/Google directly on or around December 12, 2019, and made false statements that Mr. Mishiyev was posting copyrighted material, that he was racist, and that Mr. Mishiyev was a Jewish “culture-vulture…” The lawsuit claims Mishiyev was permanently terminated by Youtube in January 2020.

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Davis is also accused of politically attempting to dissuade the public from supporting Mishiyev by stating he was a Donald Trump supporter.

Another allegation in the lawsuit states, “Mr. Mishiyev believes if a private investigator is hired that a paper trail will reveal that Mr. Davis would receive as much as $40,000 under the table to play or support a rapper’s music, which is bribery and against FCC violations.”

Counts against Davis and Beasley Media Group include, “Defamation,” “Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress,” “Negligent Supervision” and “Assault.” Mishiyev claims that some of Davis’s remarks led him to feel physically threatened.

Various lawsuit exhibits display text messages alleging Orlando Davis attempted to destroy other independent DJs, as well.

Rachel Shullman of Shullman Fugate, a law firm in Tampa, represents Orlando Davis and Beasley Media Group as defendants. There was no response received from an inquiry.

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