Paralenz and Coral Restoration Foundation Collaborate in Unique Ocean Data Crowdsourcing Pilot

Boats at Carysfort Reef in the Florida Keys at Coralpalooza™ 2019 (Jack Fishman/Project Aware/Coral Restoration Foundation™)

Divers restore reefs at Coralpalooza™ 2019

Divers restore reefs at Coralpalooza™ 2019 (Coral Restoration Foundation™)

Paralenz Vaquita Camera

The Paralenz camera is available for rental in Florida

Paralenz and Coral Restoration Foundation embark on an unprecedented collaboration to scale ocean data collection within Florida’s seven iconic reefs

KEY LARGO, FL, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2021 / — In May 2021, Danish ocean-tech company, Paralenz commenced the roll out of numerous camera rental points in dive shops across Florida’s coastline. Divers and snorkelers who rent a Paralenz camera and dive on one of the “Mission: Iconic Reefs” restoration sites can share their underwater recordings and ocean data with Coral Restoration Foundation™.

The collaboration between Paralenz and Coral Restoration Foundation™ is the first of its kind. presenting ideal conditions for showcasing the enormous potential of crowdsourced ocean data to support an enormous ecological restoration initiative.

“Mission: Iconic Reefs” is an unprecedented restoration effort. It aims to restore more than 93,000 square meters of reef across seven sites over the next two decades, thanks to collaboration between a cohort of expert agencies and institutions including NOAA, Coral Restoration Foundation, Mote Marine Laboratories and others.

Given the scale of the restoration effort, data and images collected by divers with Paralenz cameras could potentially provide an important dataset for tracking the large-scale impact of “Mission: Iconic Reefs”.

By introducing a new dimension of local conservation impact to the diving experience, the collaboration aims to inspire people to record and share their dives. Content generated by Paralenz users could expand baseline knowledge of the seven iconic reef sites and demonstrate a game-changing precedent for how divers without a scientific background can support marine data collection initiatives in a scalable and continuous manner by doing what they love: recording and sharing their diving experiences.

Paralenz cameras are specifically designed for underwater use. The uniqueness of the cameras becomes evident in their ability to, while in use, track real-time CTD data (conductivity, temperature, and depth) together with GPS location. CTDs are primary tools for scientists to gather precise and comprehensive information that helps to understand underwater conditions in a given timeframe or compared over time. Commercial CTD equipment is expensive, with the most affordable models costing as much as $6,000.00 per unit and without including additional costs like personnel, boats, and equipment.

About Paralenz
Paralenz is a Danish Ocean tech company that develops pioneering underwater camera technology. By developing their products and engaging with their community, they want to confront environmental indifference and inspire people to speak for the Ocean. Paralenz does this by empowering divers to easily capture and share underwater footage as well as relevant Ocean data with the world and dedicated scientific communities.
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About Coral Restoration Foundation™
Coral Restoration Foundation™, headquartered in Key Largo, Florida, is the largest coral reef restoration organization in the world. Founded in response to the wide-spread loss of the dominant coral species on Florida's Coral Reef. CRF promotes scientific research, education, and coral restoration.
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