Pasco County Amends Solid Waste Collection/Storage Rules

July 16, 2020

By: Staff Report PR

PASCO COUNTY, FL —- In an effort to keep our communities clean, safe and free of blight, Pasco County is changing some solid waste collection and storage rules. *The new ordinance amendment requires any garbage stored outside your home for more than a day to be placed in a container with a lid. This change is in response to frequent customer complaints about trash being piled outside homes for extended periods.

*Please note, trash can still be set out at the curb in containers without a lid or in bags within 24 hours of your hauler’s scheduled pickup. You do not need to buy new containers for regular trash service.

Other important changes include:

• Beginning July 24, 2020, trash containers with lids will need to be used to store any garbage that sits outside your home for longer than 24 hours

• Waste haulers will have new customer service and truck maintenance requirements

• Licensed haulers must provide recycling services to businesses, upon request

As a reminder, weekly curbside recycling is available for all customers who have trash service with a licensed hauler.

For more information about Pasco County’s Solid Waste Facilities and standard pricing, please visit or call 727-857-2780. For information about Pasco County’s Recycling drop offs, please visit or call 727-856-4539.

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