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Pasco County BOCC Discusses BTR Enforcement, Welcomes New Building and Construction Director

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – Former Senator Mike Fasano, now Pasco County Tax Collector, urged the Pasco County Board of Commissioners to spread the word that all businesses need a BTR (Business Tax Receipt) to conduct any type of business in the county. 

Fasano said, “This is an opportunity for the county to address this. I think it’s unfair that someone that owns opens a business up a gardening or a lawn service is paying, at some times, the same that the rates, if you will, that a Walmart is paying. I think it’s sometimes it’s unfair but there’s not much it can be done.”

Commissioners took note that there is confusion about the need and use of a BTR.

Commissioner Mike Moore explained, how in the past; he has worked with small and large companies alike, with many business representatives not understanding the need for a BTR.  Moore reiterated that generally, a business would need a BTR from the city and the county.  BTRs are important to the local governments for tax revenue generation and tracking.

Fasano said, “I’ll give you a perfect example. When you were extremely generous in providing money to businesses late last year after the COVID situation, the county got money and you are very generous giving out money to Pasco businesses, one of the requirements was to have a business tax receipt.”

“We were overwhelmed by businesses that were in place here in Pasco county for years. But they realize when they saw the application, (for assistance), that you required them to fill out to get this assistance that they had to be had to have a BTR. So we picked up some new businesses at that time when they didn’t realize they needed one,” said Fasano.

“I don’t know if it’s a lack of education. I don’t know if it’s lack of, they don’t care but in my opinion, you have still a lot of businesses out there, many think they don’t need one,” said Fasano.

Fasano added, “I would also ask you this when we do find a business, that has not had one, for years. Let’s not give them a slap on the wrist, a fine should be appropriate if you’re going to have him you’re going to find them let’s make sure it sticks.”

In addition during the BOCC meeting earlier this week, Sally Sherman, Administrator for Pasco County, introduced Mr. Roy Major who was officially appointed and confirmed on Tuesday by the Pasco BOCC as the Building and Construction Services Director. 

Major is a licensed engineer, a certified planner, and has served in private and public sectors. Sherman said that Major is a welcomed addition to the team that is feverishly working to keep up with the new building permits.

Sherman said the county staff is “receiving an unprecedented amount of work for new building permits with the county turn-around time of 18 days in December 2020 to now 13 days.”  Sherman added that the national average is 10 days, a goal the county staff is striving to meet.  With the addition of Mr. Major, Sherman said the team is motivated to reach their goals and confident he will be of great assistance.

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