Pasco County School Superintendent Kurt Browning-Announcement

May 28, 2020

By: Staff Report

The Pasco County School District Superintendent Kurt Browning, released a video and statements today, regarding Pasco achieving the honor of the nation’s top AP District.


“Our school district is being honored as the nation’s top AP district of the year for large school districts. The top district in the nation. This is a big deal. There are more than 13,000 school districts to the United States and our school district are students and our teachers earn this award.” said Superintendent Kurt Browning.

This is a huge achievement for the school district and a testament to the hard-work of the teachers in Pasco County.

ap enrollment

“Over a three-year period, we increased the number of students taking rigorous AP courses. We increased the number of underrepresented and minority students taking AP classes, and at the same time, we improved our pass rate. Those scoring a three or above. To accomplish all three, year in and year out, is quite an accomplishment,” said Browning


“Let me point out that this honor is shared by all of you. It’s true that AP classes are taken in high school, but high school teachers will tell you that their students success in high school is made possible by the solid foundation they receive in middle school. The middle school teachers will tell you that the solid foundation of elementary school makes all the difference in the world,” Browning said in his statement.

The full video of Kurt Browning’s announcement can we watched below.

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