pasco county sinkhole

Pasco County Sinkhole, One Lane of Little Road Still Closed

PASCO COUNTY, FL.- Pasco County Emergency Management has determined that more underground testing will be needed in the public right-of-way around the site of the depression on Spring Haven Boulevard in New Port Richey to determine the best course of action if any. Results from ground testing over the weekend show 2 small areas of disturbed soil under Little Road and the sidewalk – just northeast of the depression.

To get a clearer picture of soil conditions, engineers will perform deeper ground penetrating radar (GPR) testing (up to a depth of 50 feet) and bore sample testing. Data from the second round of testing will help the county formulate a plan to address the area affecting the public right-of-way, if that’s what engineers recommend.

The depression itself is still estimated at 46 feet wide and 130 feet deep and is still wholly on private property. Both private property owners are working with engineering firms, as well.

One southbound lane of Little Road remains closed.

We’ll continue to provide updates.

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