peace deal with israel and sudan

Peace Deal Brokered Between Israel and Sudan

U.S. NEWS – Striking another historic agreement, President Donald J. Trump has brokered a peace agreement between Sudan and Israel – the third agreement between Israel and an Arab-Muslim nation in less than 3-months. 

Friday, Israel and Sudan have agreed to make peace and to normalize their relations in another landmark agreement brokered by President Trump.

In the coming weeks, the two countries will begin negotiations on cooperation agreements in agriculture, economy, trade, aviation, migration issues, and other areas of mutual benefit. This historic peace agreement follows similar agreements between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“They are choosing a future in which Arabs and Israelis, Muslims, Jews, and Christians can live together, pray together, and dream together, side by side, in harmony, community, and peace,” said President Trump.

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan are the first Arab nations to normalize relations with Israel in over 25 years.

The expansion of the Abraham Accords to include Sudan is a significant step that will further enhance Israel’s security and create opportunities for Sudan and Israel to deepen their economic ties and improve the lives of their people.

This agreement is a historic step forward for the people of Sudan and the new transitional government.

After decades of living under a brutal Islamist dictatorship that supported terrorism, the people of Sudan are in charge and democracy is taking root. The Sudanese transitional government has demonstrated tremendous courage and commitment to combating terrorism, building its democratic institutions, and improving its relations with its neighbors.

The United States welcomes this important progress and stands ready to support the people of Sudan as they work to build a better future for themselves and future generations.

After decades of instability and crisis, nations across the Middle East and Africa are increasingly working together to build a more peaceful, prosperous future.

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