Joshua Moser, 33 (PASP)

Pennsylvania Man Murders Roommate On His Birthday, Scatters Remains In 3 Different Areas

Joshua Moser, 33 (PASP)
Joshua Moser, 33 (PASP)

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with murdering and dismembering his roommate, and investigators say he scattered the man’s remains in three different areas.

Lehigh County District Attorney Gavin Holihan stated on Friday that Joshua Moser, 33, has been charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a body, and tampering/fabricating evidence following the discovery of David Hittinger’s remains, 37, on a walking trail, in a cemetery, and in a quarry.

According to the DA, Hittinger was reported missing last Monday, having vanished on May 11. According to Holihan, the individual who filed the missing person’s report had intended to see Hittinger on his birthday and became worried when he did not respond.

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Holihan claims that Hittinger was last seen at Moser’s house. He had recently moved in with Moser.

At a nearby cemetery last Wednesday, authorities found Hittinger’s dismembered body pieces inside trash bags.

The next day, police discovered other body pieces close to a small quarry and along a walking trail.

The autopsy is still being conducted, but the medical examiner concluded that Hittinger was killed, according to Holihan.

According to Holihan, when authorities searched Moser’s residence on Tuesday, they gathered evidence such as hair and blood.

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Following a second search of Moser’s residence, the DA claimed there was an “effort to conceal the blood in the basement,” and additional blood-stained clothing, a saw, and a box cutter were found.

Pennsylvania State police say that Moser admitted to beating Hittinger in the head with a hammer and strangling him.

Holihan stated that there “appears to have been some sort of disagreement that would lead to the demise of Mr. Hittinger in such a manner,” but he did not provide a reason for the alleged killing.

Moser was arrested that same day on an unrelated charge and is currently jailed without bail.

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