Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Success and the Hospitality Business

Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

Hotel Guest's Top Concern Post Covid-19 - Personal Safety

Hotel Guests will be looking for

Clean 'n Green Guestroom solutions

Clean ‘n Green Guestroom solutions

Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Preliminary Data is Great News for the Hospitality Industry, but business success will not be Automatic or Across the board.

TripAdvisor has long believed travel will recover with vigor as soon as a vaccine was widely available.”

— Steve Kaufer, CEO TripAdvisor

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2020 / — The news of the effective Covid-19 vaccine the World has been waiting for has finally arrived. Though there are a few caveats, the good news is that it is 90% effective and there may be more vaccines available soon.

Effective Vaccine will Boost Travel…Hotels Must Be Guest-Ready!

This shot in the arm to the economy will boost travel and improve hotel occupancies, but the business will hardly be as usual. The pandemic has forever changed consumer behavior and expectations. The personal safety concern will remain top of the mind of travelers. With the Covid-19 virus having the potential to infect through aerosol, guests will closely scrutinize, not just the cleanliness of rooms, but also the freshness of the air. Clean, Fresh, and Healthy air will be the top amenity customers will be looking for in Hotels.

Meeting the customer expectation of a Clean and Fresh room with Healthy air with chemical cleaning is a challenge. The more chemicals are used to clean and disinfect, the more odor and VOC are added to the indoor air making it stinky and unhealthy.

As the pandemic continues to weigh heavily on people and businesses, and while many in the hospitality business are simply trying to keep heads above the water, it is easy to become tunnel-visioned and ignore what lies ahead.

It is important to remember that this too will pass. But when it does, we will be dealing with new market norms and different customer expectations. The success in this new market will come to those with the foresight to see what is ahead and be prepared for it.

Hotels and Resorts can Be Guest-Ready and Exceed Expectations with Enficiency's Clean 'n Green solutions.

• Kills 99% of Coronavirus surrogates without Chemicals
• Disinfects the aerosol virus and bacteria in the air and on surfaces
• Removes mold, mildew, allergens, VOC, smoke, and odor
• Mimics the Mountain fresh air
• Automated 24/7 disinfection and air cleaning
• Affordable: Low cost to own and operate
• Certified Ozone free
• Financing available

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