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Police In Montana Arrest Woman Who Drove Car Into Israeli Christian Protest

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TFP File Photo. By Kate Anderson

A woman was arrested Saturday after allegedly driving her car through a religious group of protesters in Montana, injuring one, according to a statement from the Billings Police Department (BPD).

The woman, Genevienne Rancuret, 55, allegedly drove her car repeatedly through a group of protesters, who were identified as Israelis for Christ, injuring one 45-year-old man, according to a press release from the department.

Rancuret reportedly fled the scene and was later arrested by authorities and charged with eight counts of felony assault with a weapon, DUI and felony criminal mischief, and the FBI is currently considering taking on the case.

Jamee Wagenmann, who called the police after seeing the car drive into the group, said that originally she had thought the driver had lost control of the car, according to KTVQ News, a local media outlet.

“I just kind of saw this white Jeep fly by me and jump onto the sidewalk, straight at the group of people that were there,” Wagenmann said. “The first thing that I thought was they lost control and they were in a wreck.”

“(Drove) into the Albertsons parking lot and then drove straight at them from behind, like trying to catch them not paying attention,” Wagenmann continued. “Screaming, even cars were honking. It was chaos.”

Wagenmann said that the group of protesters “were all wearing purple” and easy to identify, according to KTVQ News. The injured man was being treated for minor injuries, according to police.

Police spokesperson Lt. Matt Lennick said that the department did not currently have anything to say regarding Rancuret’s possible motives, according to ABC News.

BPD did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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