Poll: Just Seven Months In, And A Large Share Of Biden Voters Expressing Buyer’s Remorse

As chaos seems evident everywhere Americans look – in Afghanistan, at the southern border, with COVID,  in skyrocketing government spending and inflation, in crime-riddled big cities – a healthy number of President Joe Biden’s supporters have buyer’s remorse.

As conservative pollster Rasmussen Reports notes in a new survey released on Wednesday, “Most voters would not vote to reelect President Joe Biden, and a significant number who voted for him in 2020 now regret their choice.”

In November, Biden received 51.3 percent of the vote, to 46.9 percent for former President Donald Trump.

Rasmussen notes that only 37 percent of likely voters would still cast ballots for Biden. Meanwhile, 43 percent would still vote for trump.

But, “Among voters who say they voted for Biden in last year’s election, 12% now say they regret their vote. By comparison, only two percent (2%) of Trump voters now regret their vote.”

“If a rematch of the 2020 election were held now, Trump would win, because only 79% of Biden voters say they would vote for him again and seven percent (7%) would switch their vote to Trump,” Rasmussen continued.

“By comparison, 81% of Trump’s 2020 voters would vote for him again and just two percent (2%) would switch to Biden.”

Additionally, “Of those who say they voted for some other candidate last year, 21% would vote for Trump if the next election were held now, while just seven percent (7%) say they’d vote for Biden.”

Moreover, “Of voters who say they regret their vote in last year’s presidential election, a majority (51%) say they would vote for Trump if the next election were held today, while just 26% say they would vote for Biden, and 16% would vote for some other candidate,” Rasmussen added.

The details of the Rasmussen poll also show some other negative indicators for Biden.

Here is some other bad news for Biden.

Thirteen percent of Democrats told Rasmussen they’d vote for Trump today, up from 11 percent in November, while among black voters Trump’s appeal has risen from 19 percent last year to 25 percent today. Meanwhile, Biden captured 51 percent of the “moderate” vote in 2020; today, he’d get only 38 percent of it.

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5 Replies to “Poll: Just Seven Months In, And A Large Share Of Biden Voters Expressing Buyer’s Remorse”

  1. If you pay any attention to any of the many election fraud cases, Trump won the election in 2020. We have a lot of work to do in America to get people honest . . .politicians, citizens . . .and we need to be more vigilant as a group. I’ve increased my participation- I think everyone needs to.

  2. I think a large number of voters supported Biden knowing full well that his administration would be problematic, but they did so because they recognized that it might be much worse with the alternative. In the end, most Americans just want normal, moderate politicians willing to reach across the aisle and work toward the common good rather than watch the pendulum swing wildly from side-to-side as first one side appeals to its base, only to be cast out and then followed by more of the same by the opposing team. In the end, most of us would be better off voting for Independent candidates who will put and end to the nonsense perpetuated by the major parties.

  3. The buyers’ remorse is caused in large part from initially trusting a liberally based, mainstream media (MSM) who suppressed the truth of the major accomplishments of the United States from 2016 to 2020 (ie. energy independence, low inflation, record unemployment, consistent financial market gains, low income taxes, economic empowerment for ALL races, recognized military power, and many, many more accomplishments). But now, even with the whitewashing [and brainwashing] power of MSM and big tech, it is hard to hide the truth of Biden-Harris administration failures on the world stage – such as the destruction of 34 million lives within Afghanistan (and especially their 14 million girls/women). As well as Joe, Biden voters own the destruction of the lives of those girls/women, and the men; and of course our American soldiers and personnel who are in harms way/grave danger.

  4. The Democratic Party is no longer leaving the outcome of elections up to the voters. So I don’t think they really care how people vote.

  5. the only silver lining i see coming from this, is now people see how bad it can be to vote democrat. I voted for carter in the 70s. i thought, southern democrat, ok. well, we know how that turned out. i have not voted democrat since.

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