Portland Riots Destruction Starbucks

Portland Protesters, Destroying Their City One Brick at a Time

PORTLAND, OR. – Portland protesters (albeit peaceful), had another field day, or night, with more peaceful gatherings and bricks.

According to Multnomah County Sheriff Deputies, at 9pm Monday, individuals participating in a march from Director Park arrived at the PSU Public Safety Office. Some individuals broke windows to the Public Safety Office, and then turned their attention to the Starbucks at 1717 SW Park. These individuals smashed windows and poured flammable liquid inside the business.

  • Portland Destruction
  • Portland Destruction
  • Portland Destruction

Officers interrupted an arson and complete destruction. The protest was declared an unlawful assembly due to the criminal activity occurring.

At least two arrest were made. Sigh

Opinion- We feel sorry for the folks who cant work in their places of business today. Starting to think the protesters may want your vote to swing to the Republicans, especially locally.

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