Pennridge school board member Megan Banis-Clemens

Pro-Gun Pennsylvania School Board Member Questions Anti-Gun Message In A School Textbook

For months now, school board meetings have become battlegrounds over texts in classrooms and libraries advocating Critical Race Theory, transgender permissiveness, and outright pornography.

Yet there is a new front in this fight.

The Second Amendment.

Pro-Second Amendment columnist Cam Edwards of the website Bearing Arms reported on Wednesday of a Pennsylvania school board that applied the breaks to approving a new social studies textbook because of its anti-gun prejudice.

Pennridge school board member Megan Banis-Clemens questioned the book, which is intended for K-5 classes, as well as an AP History textbook, Edwards wrote, because she spotted “a clear bias inherent in the material.”

The book at issue, according to Banis-Clemens, argued the Second Amendment was written at a time when police didn’t exist and people hunted for their food.

She asserted that the book did not present both sides but instead “portrayed that as an outdated view and said most people now think that because of violent crime there should be restrictions on the Second Amendment,” Edwards reported.

“If that really is how the right to keep and bear arms is presented it absolutely should not be taught to kids,” Edwards maintained. “The goal here is education after all, not indoctrination.”

“It’s fine to point out that life in the United States was much different in 1791 than 2021, but to simply declare that the right to keep and bear arms is ‘outdated’ and that ‘most people’ now believe the Second Amendment rights of Americans should be restricted is outright bias that has no place in the classroom,” he added.

He noted that the book makes no reference to Supreme Court rulings that have found gun ownership and use is acceptable in self-defense, and that mid-20th century gun control laws were intended to keep black Americans from owning firearms. 

Edwards called on his readers to submit to him titles of books that treat the Second Amendment more fairly, and to “send a polite email to the Pennridge school board to let them know there’s a better alternative out there.”

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