Publix announces quarterly dividend

Publix Donates $125,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation, Planting of Tree and Promote Healthy Watersheds

LAKELAND, Fla. – For the fourth year in a row, Publix donated $125,000 to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 125,000 trees in two damaged Florida watersheds: the Withlacoochee River Watershed and Little Orange Creek Preserve.

The donation brings the five-year total to over $600,000 donated to plant 605,000 trees, funded entirely by proceeds from the sale of Publix-branded reusable bags.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, the trees planted in the past five years are estimated to intercept more than 66 billion gallons of rainfall and absorb more than 182,000 metric tons of net carbon dioxide over the next 50 years.

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“Healthy watersheds are an essential part of our freshwater systems. When our customers purchase Publix-branded reusable bags, we’re able to do good, together, to restore these important natural environments,” said Publix Director of Environmental and Sustainability Programs Michael Hewett. “We are proud to continue supporting work to improve water quality by planting trees to help slow rainfall-runoff, absorb excess carbon dioxide, and promote healthy wildlife habitats.”

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