President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump

REMATCH: Trump And Biden Clinch Party Nominations

President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump
President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump (File)

In the world of American politics, it’s rare to witness a rematch between two former presidents.

However, the 2024 presidential election is set to deliver just that, as President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump clinched their parties’ presidential nominations Tuesday.

President Joe Biden secured his party’s nomination with victories in low-profile state primaries.

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Despite facing criticism and challenges, Biden’s delegate majority at the national conventions solidified his position as the Democratic nominee.

As the oldest president in U.S. history, Biden aims to address concerns about his age and assure voters of his physical and mental capabilities.

Former President Donald Trump, too, faced no major opposition and emerged victorious in the Republican primaries.

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Trump’s dominance in swing-state Georgia, deep-red Mississippi, and Democratic-leaning Washington solidified his position as the Republican nominee.

The Biden-Trump rematch is a historic event, marking the first time two U.S. presidents have faced off since 1912.

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