Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida

Rep. Gaetz Of Florida Says Colorado Supreme Court Risks Taking Nation To “A Very Dark Place”

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida said on Monday that House Democrats can have Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy, if they want him.
Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida

Rep. Matt Gaetz said on Wednesday that the Colorado Supreme Court majority that tossed former President Donald Trump off the state’s ballot is behaving like the dictator liberals claim they are trying to stop.

Trump’s removal hurts his election bid of course, Gaetz added. But it also is leading America to a “dark place” where political differences get solved in unwanted ways that don’t involve casting ballots.  

The Fort Walton Beach Republican was reacting to the court’s 4-3 decision on Tuesday to take Trump off Colorado’s ballot next year. The majority claimed Trump had participated in the alleged “insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol.

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“You’ve got the Biden administration and their allies calling Donald Trump a dictator,” Gaetz told Phoenix talk-radio host Garret Lewis. Yet, “What dictators do is they remove their opposition from eligibility for consideration in popular elections.”

And that ruling doesn’t just affect Trump, he added.

The decision to erase Trump has effects down the ballot, as the Colorado electorate will become “less America First” and “less MAGA,” but “more establishment” and “less Republican.”

And empowering liberals by moving voters to the left now threatens the GOP majority in the House, said Gaetz.

But beyond the actual election, the court’s ruling is further driving a wedge between Americans, a divide that won’t necessarily end well.

“What we’ve seen all over the world is when you start telling people that they can’t resolve their political disagreements through the vote, then things turn very ugly, they divide the sides even more and leads to a very dark place,” he said.

“We don’t want that,” Gaetz added. “We want to resolve our differences through the political process, by voting and respecting he outcome of the election.”

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Gaetz also argued that the public is getting this dose of hate against Trump by the legal system only because he’s ahead in every swing state poll.

In a separate post on X, Gaetz noted that one reason the Colorado high court majority benched Trump partly because he threatened to use military force against violent Black Lives Matter and Antida radicals in 2020.

“This is insane. Activist judges at the Colorado Supreme Court cited in their majority opinion that President Trump’s idea to deploy our military against the nationwide riots in 2020 is proof of an insurrection,” Gaetz posted.

“The Radical Left burned down cities and killed civilians in the name of George Floyd. President Trump was keeping America safe. This is ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

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