Rep. James Comer of Kentucky

Rep. James Comer Says $1 Million From China To Biden Family Is Just “Tip Of The Iceberg”

Rep. James Comer of Kentucky
Rep. James Comer of Kentucky (Source: Twitter)

Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds last week described the Biden family receiving more than $1 million as the “tip of the iceberg” in payments the first family racked up from China-connected firms.

On Sunday, another Republican revealed more of that iceberg.

Rep. James Comer of Kentucky told Fox News that there may have been as many as 11 more deals between China and President Joe Biden’s family.

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Comer told host Maria Bartiromo that the GOP is not clear yet on the details of those arrangements.

But, he added, GOP investigators are certain Biden’s family pocketed more than the $1.3 million that Comer discussed last week.

“In the beginning, the White House denied having any knowledge or the fact that their family was involved in any sort of way, shape, or form with the CCP [Chinese Communist Party],” Comer told Bartiromo. “But now we have bank records that reveal otherwise.”

“We don’t know what the Bidens did in return for this money. The lawyer said that it was seed capital for a business. We haven’t been able to find a business,” he added.

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“But, right now, it looks like the Biden family just pocketed this money. This is one deal. We have 11 more to go. And I’m pretty confident we will be getting more bank records in very soon.”

As The Free Press reported on Saturday, both Comer and Donalds, a Naples Republican and member of the House Oversight Committee, have noted that Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden — Joe Biden’s son, brother and former daughter-in-law — as well as an unknown “Biden” collected $1.3 million from a family associate. That funding from the associate, paid in March 2017, just after Joe Biden’s term as vice president ended, came from a $3 million pot paid to the Bidens’ friend by State Energy HK Limited, a Chinese firm.

“They were getting the money for something,” Donalds recently told Fox News. “We don’t have that information yet, but we’re gonna go find out, because this investigation is not slowing down. It’s just speeding up.”

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Comer also told Bartiromo, “We’re gonna follow the money. We knew there was a money trail, we’ve spoken to enough people that were involved in the shady business games all around the world.”

“Everything that we’ve subpoenaed thus far was accurate from what our whistleblowers were telling us, and we have a whole lot more information. This was the first deal, and we have many more to come,” he added.

The congressman also suggested that recent leaked news that former President Donald Trump would be indicted and arrested this week on money paid to former stripper Stormy Daniels was intended to distract attention from the Bidens’ deals with China.

“It’s very odd that this would come out the very next day after I revealed bank records would show the Biden family, the president in particular, hasn’t been truthful with respect to his family receiving payments from the Chinese Communist Party,” Comer said.

“It almost looks like it’s an effort to detract. But, at the very least, it’s another example of a two-tiered system of justice.”

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