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Report: NYC Judge Tosses Case On Shooting Suspect Because Grand Jury Was Too White

For one judge in New York City, it seems, justice depends on wokeness.

A career criminal and gang member named William “Ill Will” Scott, who has a history of 25 arrests since 1999, was accused of shooting a man twice in the leg during a June 2020 altercation. The shooting occurred in Manhattan.

A grand jury in the suburbs duly indicted him, which seemed easy enough to do since the shooting was on video, the New York Post reported.

Yet Judge Analisa Torres, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama, tossed the indictment.

She claimed Scott offered “clear statistical evidence” that the grand jury, ironically located in White Plains, was plagued by an “underrepresentation of Black and Latinx individuals.”

The judge claimed Scott had proved the grand jury selection process “was susceptible to abuse,” the Post reported.

“The Government has failed to meet its burden by coming forward with evidence rebutting the presumption that such underrepresentation was the result of purposeful discrimination,” she wrote Monday.

“Therefore, Defendant has established a violation of his Fifth Amendment right to a race-neutral jury selection process.”

Prosecutors gamely tried to shoot down Scott’s claim.

They pointed out that they had to go outside Manhattan because no grand jury was empaneled when they sought the indictment, and that jury selection was “exceptionally limited – generally, and specifically in Manhattan – due to the pandemic.”

The even noted that three other federal judges in Manhattan had rejected arguments similar to Scott’s.

Yet, it’s clear that Judge Torres was not persuaded.

The good news, for New Yorkers seeking to avoid being crime victims, is that Scott was indicted by a different grand jury and his case is before another judge, according to the Post.

Someone should tell Judge Torres that justice is supposed to be blind – and that includes color-blind as well.    

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11 Replies to “Report: NYC Judge Tosses Case On Shooting Suspect Because Grand Jury Was Too White”

  1. So does a white defendant get an all white jury and any white person convicted by a mixed race jury then gets to go free? Asking for a friend.

  2. Blacks see EVERYTHING through the lens of race-first. They are wholly incompatible with our noble society and should be force-deported back to their ancestral homelands where they can rape, steal, murder, and commit other crimes to their primitive heart’s content.

  3. What good would race-based juries be? An all-white jury will exonerate a white man, an all-black jury will exonerate a black man and then what? In this case, as in all cases with juries, the lawyers went thru voi dere (sorry about the spelling) where they approve or disqualify prospective jury members. If each lawyer approved the jury, the judge cannot over ride that approval unless a provable procedural error occurred, which did not. The judge is an obvious snowflake intent on shaping the world according to the biden view of globalism and justice for all except the white man. These judges should be disbarred and jailed for malfeasance.

  4. Well, if there’s no appeal, this insane decision will remain on the books. Something tells me this Latina jurist exceeded her authority….she surely exceeded her brain power.

  5. Derek Chauvin’s jury was disproportionately black, so if we lived in a country that applier equal justice under law, his conviction would be overturned. But since violent mobs in the street, biased jurors and CBS threatening the jury if they didn’t convict were OK with the judge, one shouldn’t expect rule of law in this country anymore.

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