Dr. Anthony Fauci

Republican US Sen Blackburn Says It’s Past Time For Fauci To Move On

More conservative voices are increasingly fed up with Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the cult of personality that orbits him, producing votive candles, rock-concert-style T-shirts, and a lovefest documentary.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn became the latest to call for Fauci’s job.

In an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday, Blackburn said it was time for the head of the nation’s anti-infectious disease bureaucracy to step down. She nodded in agreement when the host suggested Fauci should resign and retire to Florida.

Fauci stirred up the ruckus on the right by lashing out at his critics, including GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, during an interview on Sunday.

“I represent science,” said Fauci, adding that it was “dangerous” to criticize scientists working on addressing COVID-19.

Blackburn noted to Newsmax that he had made a similar comment to her under questioning earlier this year. Fauci, Blackburn said, argued that criticizing his judgment equated to criticizing all scientific research.

“Well, newsflash to Dr. Anthony Fauci: he is not science. And what he has done over the course of the pandemic is to turn himself into a politician and a pundit thinking he can belittle people who are not medical and healthcare professionals,” Blackburn said.

“The American people have looked at him. They’ve watched him and they’ve formed an opinion of him. They’ve found him to be untruthful. And they don’t consider his advice to be something that they should be following because he’s been all over this.”

Blackburn was referring to plausible allegations that Fauci committed perjury when questioned by Sen. Rand Paul. Fauci had claimed his agency had not done gain-of-function research on coronaviruses in China, when the government eventually did admit that occurred. 

Blackburn, noting that Fauci is the federal government’s highest-paid employee, has been in his job for far too long.

“He knows the agency he has led has invested U.S. taxpayer money into gain of function research, and now he doesn’t want people to be aware of that,” Blackburn added.

“It is time for him to leave his job,” she continued.

“It is time for him to move on. What we need to do is get to the bottom of how this started. What are the origins of this particular strain of coronavirus? Because this is going to be with us – something that we’re going to have to handle, learn how to manage, and unfortunately, live with like we do the common flu.”

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