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Responding To White House Pressure, Amazon Censored Certain Books About COVID

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For some time now, leftists have been accusing Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and other GOP leaders of “banning” books by advocating the removal of pornographic materials from public schools.

Yet in true liberal fashion, the left-wingers turn a blind eye to the very thing they complain about when their side does it.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan this week released documents showing that the Biden administration convinced Amazon to censor books that challenged President Joe Biden’s narrative on COVID-19.

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The White House launched the censorship crusade almost upon taking office.

Andy Slavitt, Biden’s top COVID adviser, summoned Amazon executives to the White House in March 2021 to discuss the spread of “propaganda and misinformation and disinformation” about the virus, according to an email by Slavitt that Jordan released in a thread on X.

The COVID czar called it “concerning” when he saw the list of books that Amazon promoted when Slavitt searched for COVID-19 vaccines.

“How did the Biden White House conclude that there was ‘propaganda and misinformation’ in books sold in Amazon’s bookstore? The White House ran keyword searches for controversial topics, such as ‘vaccine,’ and emailed Amazon when it didn’t like how the search results appeared,” Jordan said on X.

“Initially, Amazon decided to hold off on ‘doing a manual intervention’ to censor books,” Jordan added, citing the emails. “Why? Not out of any commitment to free speech, but because doing so would be ‘too visible’ to the American public and likely to spur criticism from conservative media.”

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“For the Biden Admin, letting Americans think for themselves was unacceptable,” said Jordan.

The lawmaker shared internal Amazon emails that revealed company execs admitting they were “feeling pressure from the White House.”

And Amazon quickly caved.

Jordan noted, “After the White House spent a week berating Amazon, what did the online bookstore do? Starting March 9—the same day as its meeting with the White House—Amazon enabled ‘Do Not Promote’ for books that expressed the view that vaccines were not effective.”

“And that wasn’t all. Amazon also considered other ways ‘to reduce the visibility’ of certain books that the Biden White House disliked,” he added. “That’s right. Amazon caved to the pressure from the Biden White House to censor speech.”

Jordan ended the thread by saying the investigation was continuing.

His revelations come about a month before the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case out of Missouri as to whether the Biden administration pressured Facebook, then-Twitter and other social media companies to censor critics it didn’t like.

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Slavitt was particularly vicious on the censorship front.

In addition to taming Amazon’s freedom to sell whatever books it wanted, Slavitt also led the effort to compel social media companies to ban the users the White House didn’t like, and he drove then-Twitter to deplatform Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter who became a frequent critic of left-wing COVID policies about the vaccines, lockdowns and masking.

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