Robyn Sztyndor on 5 Little Known Secrets Regarding Medical Malpractice & Healthcare Law

Robyn Sztyndor attorney, is a seasoned and prestigious lawyer working in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Robyn Sztyndor Discusses 5 Little Known Secrets Regarding Medical Malpractice & Healthcare Law

FORT LAUDERDALE, , FL, USA, November 12, 2021 / — Robyn Sztyndor attorney, is a seasoned and prestigious lawyer working in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She has over a decade of experience under her belt representing clients in medical malpractice and healthcare law. On the topic of medical malpractice, Robyn Sztyndor says the patient is often at a significant disadvantage. She explains that most people are conditioned to think of medical professionals, and especially doctors and surgeons, as infallible. They are often led to believe they have no recourse if their care providers have not done everything they can to deliver a positive outcome.

5 Signs You May Have a Strong Medical Malpractice Case
Robyn Sztyndor says, there are five clear signs that a patient has a good chance of being made whole when a healthcare professional drops the ball.

1. A surgery has gone wrong
Every medical procedure has an accepted risk profile. Your doctors should tell you about the risks and possible side effects as well as the expected benefits of a surgical procedure, or any medical treatment. If a negative outcome results, and you believe it does not match the expected risks, you may have a case and should consult a medical malpractice attorney.

2. A patient has been given the wrong medication or treatment
Unfortunately, this type of error is increasing in frequency as digital medical records rapidly replace physical copies. Robyn Sztyndor explains that the medical industry is scrambling to tackle this growing problem. But the fact remains that more patients than ever are receiving the wrong medications and the wrong treatments- sometimes with grim results. It is essential that legal pressure be applied to encourage the medical industry to remedy this problem.

3. A privacy violation has occurred
Privacy violations, whether intentional or accidental, have always plagued the medical industry. Sometimes accidents are understandable, but sometimes patients need help in recovering their losses resulting from a flagrant or negligent privacy violation. Robyn Sztyndor explains that the details of such cases can be tough for patients to sort out alone, and the medical industry often must be encouraged to deliver evidence that is in their possession.

4. A loved one had died during a procedure
Sadly, the medical industry cannot save every patient or deliver positive patient outcomes in every case. Even still, when a loved one dies under medical supervision, family members deserve a complete and fulsome explanation of what care was provided and how it was provided. Reluctance on this account can indicate possible malpractice.

5. A child is injured during delivery or after improper prenatal care
There is nothing more painful for a parent than the loss of a child. It is no less painful when this occurs during prenatal care or delivery. Robyn Sztyndor continues, saying, “Parents who believe improper care during either of these phases, legal representation may be in order.”

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