U.S. Sen. Rick Scott has predicted a “bloodbath” at the polls for Democrats in November, as voters will show they are fed up with the “do-nothing” Biden administration.

Sen. Scott: Biden Lands Us In A Recession, Republicans Help Fuel Bad Ideas To Get Us Out Of It

President Joe Biden’s team and his media allies have attempted to redefine the longstanding understanding of when America is in a recession. But it’s not working on U.S. Sen. Rick Scott.

President Joe Biden’s team and his media allies have attempted to redefine the longstanding understanding of when America is in a recession. But it’s not working on U.S. Sen. Rick Scott.

The Florida Republican declared that our nation’s economy is definitely contracting under the weight of Biden’s policies, and things will only get worse as West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin seems ready to deliver Biden a big win on his dubious Big Green agenda.

In a statement issued Thursday, Scott noted Biden “has officially plunged America into a recession, and how do Democrats in Congress respond? With MASSIVE SPENDING and even more RECKLESS SPENDING.”

“It’s insane and what’s worse is that we got to this point with bipartisan bad decisions.”

Scott noted that the announcement of a deal for Manchin’s support for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s big spending bill “showed again that too many Senate Republicans, unfortunately, trusted Democrats and got duped. Some are pretending to be shocked. It’s not shocking at all.”

“Democrats have never met a tax increase they didn’t like and Joe Manchin is a Democrat,” Scott said. “Of course, Manchin is going along with Schumer, Biden, and [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi to push MASSIVE tax increases on Americans as we face 9.1% inflation, debt over $30 TRILLION, and enter a RECESSION.”

“This is yet another failure by too many politicians in Washington to stand up against reckless spending and fight for real accountability for American families. Democrats are destroying this country, and Republicans CANNOT continue to endorse their reckless, inflation-fueling spending.”

Continuing, Scott added, “Now, Democrats will do two things: they’ll say that the U.S. isn’t in a recession and that their new, partisan tax-and-spending spree will reduce inflation. IT’S ALL LIES.”

“Joe Biden’s Recession has begun and more spending will NEVER equal less inflation. It’s time for Republicans and Democrats in Washington to wake up and stop endorsing reckless, inflation-fueling spending that is crushing American families.”

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One way Democrats are pushing this on America in addition to the revised $1 billion-plus Build Back Better bill, Scott added, is through a plan to subsidize semiconductor makers.

Scott issued a letter to House members on Wednesday, calling for them to defeat the plan.

“I don’t want to mince my words: this pro-China legislation will weaken America’s standing on the world stage,” Scott wrote.

“Our nation is $30 trillion in debt and this bill spends $280 billion that we don’t have. It sets a dangerous precedent for massive, taxpayer-funded corporate welfare to the world’s most profitable corporations without any accountability or guarantee of return on investment (ROI) for the American people,” Scott continued.

“Even worse, the bill lacks basic safeguards and would allow corporations to use American tax dollars to build factories in Communist China and expand their share of the Chinese semiconductor market.”

“As Members of Congress, we are here to represent the interests of our constituents. We are not here to curry favor on behalf of massive, multi-billion-dollar corporations, and we are certainly not here to lobby for the Chinese Communist Party,” Scott added.

“Yet those entities – not the American people – will be the primary beneficiaries of the $280 billion bill that will soon come before you.”

“Are there any strings attached?” to the recipients, Scott asked.

“Not really. Already-profitable companies will still be able to operate and expand their business in Communist China – even in the event that Taiwan is invaded.

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He further noted, “There is no requirement for chipmakers to build a certain number of plants here in the United States or commit to not outsourcing American jobs overseas. There are no quotas that chipmakers need to hit, so Americans can be sure we will never have to rely on risky supply chains. And, after billions of dollars in federal investments, taxpayers are not guaranteed any return.”

“This is not smart legislation and it’s not worthy of being considered an investment in America’s national security,” Scott wrote.

“This is just a huge spending bill funded with Americans’ tax dollars that gives corporations and Communist China everything they want while leaving American workers and American families with little in return. I hope you will join me in standing up for American taxpayers and oppose this bill.”

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