In a brief speech marking President Joe Biden’s first year in office, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott slammed the administration for making things demonstrably worse for average Americans.

Sen. Scott Shreds Biden’s Claims That The US Economy Is “Strong As Hell”

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott on Friday trashed President Joe Biden’s claim of leading a successful U.S. economy, noting that more and more Americans are struggling since he took office.

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott on Friday trashed President Joe Biden’s claim of leading a successful U.S. economy, noting that more and more Americans are struggling since he took office.

Biden delivered a speech Friday in which he sought to prove his recent claim that the economy is “strong as hell,” but ultimately spewed some claims that, even in the most generous light, are dubious. For example:

He took credit for creating 10 million new jobs, even as almost all of those represent people filling jobs that disappeared with government-mandated shutdowns during the pandemic.

Biden claimed the 3.5 percent unemployment rate is the lowest in 50 years, when in fact it was 3.5 percent under former President Donald Trump in January and February 2020, right before the pandemic hit.

Biden touted the fact that the price of gas has come down $1.20 since the summer, without admitting it is 60 percent higher than when he took office.

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Biden asserted that 17 states have an unemployment rate under 3 percent, while failing to note that all but two of them have Republican governors.

Biden didn’t acknowledge that the stock market has tanked since he took office, depleting many Americans’ retirement plans. He also laughingly claimed that the “mega MAGA trickle-down” economic policies of the Republicans would make inflation worse than the 40-year highs seen since he took office. He failed to mention the highest interest rates in decades, which are intended to curb the inflation he’s caused. And he took credit for reducing the budget deficit, without noting that is coming down because pandemic spending programs are expiring and that he’s added almost $3 trillion to the national debt. 

On Friday, Sen. Scott viciously rebutted Biden’s claims.

As just a couple of examples, he noted Biden’s pumped up the national debt by $3 trillion in less than two years, cited a Bloomberg report that said more than half of Americans are looking at second jobs just to make ends meet, and circulated a New York Post piece that showed 401k accounts have lost 25 percent of value on average since Biden took office.

“Joe Biden’s disgusting attempts to gaslight the American people and feed them lies about his failed economic agenda have reached a new level of insanity,” the Florida Republican said in a statement.

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“He pretends to care about the economy and American families in scripted White House speeches, but his actions show that he couldn’t care less about the pain he’s causing. Americans are SICK AND TIRED of it.”

“Biden hasn’t reduced deficits…everyone knows that U.S. debt is racing higher under his tax and spend agenda. Everyone knows that their retirement accounts are bleeding thanks to his failed economic policies. Everyone knows that he actually hasn’t done a thing to fix the problems facing hardworking Americans – problems HE CREATED,” Scott continued.

“Families in Florida and all across our country can see through the lies and it’s time for the press to step up, stop giving this failed president a free pass and hold his administration accountable. I have been fighting to stop Biden and the Democrats from blowing money and making inflation even worse, and I won’t stop.”

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