Sen. Rick Scott of Florida

Senator Rick Scott Has A Different Take On Government’s Job Report

President Joe Biden last week patted himself on the back for the government’s latest jobs report.

President Joe Biden last week patted himself on the back for the government’s latest jobs report.

The Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy created 263,000 jobs in November. Unemployment continued at 3.7 percent, which aligns with the near-record low witnessed under former President Donald Trump prior to the pandemic.   

“Things are moving — they’re moving in the right direction,” Biden said on Friday. “As we go into the holiday season, here’s what this all means: The Americans are working, the economy is growing.”

Sen. Rick Scott, though, had a different take on the government’s report.

In a press release on Friday, the Florida Republican noted that many Americans are actually working at least two jobs to try to keep up with inflation and a souring economy under Biden.

Scott pointed out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the number of Americans now working more than one job has shot up by 596,000 over a year ago.

“When anyone, especially a parent, is working multiple jobs, it’s incredibly hard on a family. … It [the report] shows that nearly 600,000 more Americans have had to take on multiple jobs over the last year to keep up and make ends meet,” the senator said. “That means there are nearly 600,000 more Americans that are spending more time on the job and less time with their family, children, and loved ones at home.”

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“It’s an unacceptable result of President Biden’s raging inflation crisis, and we can’t let it become permanent. That’s why I’ve spent every day over the last two years fighting to stop Washington Democrats’ reckless tax-and-spend agenda, and make Congress pass a balanced budget that forces the federal government to live within its means.”

“Until that happens, inflation will never go away,” said Scott. “Families are hurting, and it’s time for Washington to stop recklessly spending and start working for the American people.”   

In a separate statement, Scott noted that inflation stood at 6% for November, down from recent peaks but still among the highest rates in decades.

“As Americans head into another holiday season where inflation continues to climb, families in Florida and across the country continue to suffer with sky-high prices caused by reckless government spending,” Scott said of the inflation report.

Since taking office, he added, Biden’s “obsession” with spending is costing the average American household $753 more a month.

“That is unacceptable,” Scott said. “For the sake of hardworking families that are struggling to make ends meet, we have to get this inflation crisis under control. That starts with stopping the reckless spending.”

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