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Separate Polls, Similar Results: More Than 70% Of Americans Both Think Country Is Off Track, Disapprove Of Congress

On Sunday, NBC “Meet the Press” anchor Chuck Todd unveiled the results of a new poll conducted by his network.

Todd told his Halloween audience that the survey brought “scary news” for Democrats. It revealed that 71 percent of respondents believe the country is on the “wrong” track.

“The overarching message: Americans have lost their confidence in President Joe Biden and their optimism for the country,” said Todd. “At least they have right now.”

And among that 71 percent, he said, were a “near majority” of Democrats.

That Biden is tanking is news only to liberals.

But another recent poll, which when coupled with the NBC survey, indicates Americans really don’t like Democrats being in charge.

A Gallup poll published last Thursday found that only 21 percent of Americans approve of the Democratic-majority Congress.

“While still better than the 15% approval rating at the end of the divided 116th Congress in December, today’s reading is well below this year’s high point of 36%,” Gallup said.

“Congress’ approval is low because hardly any Republicans (5%) and relatively few political independents (22%) offer positive reviews of the legislative body, at the same time that Democrats’ approval has plunged to its lowest level in 2021 — now 33%, down from 55% in September,” Gallup added.

The pollster attributed that to the “Democrats’ inability to reach consensus on Biden’s major social spending bill,” which “appears to be frustrating party members today.”

“As congressional Democrats are still attempting to reach consensus on a spending bill, 33% of Democrats approve and 65% disapprove of the job Congress is doing,” the pollster concluded.

It is difficult to tell how the split breaks down between Democrats who believe their elected leaders should just ram through Biden’s left-wing agenda, or if they agree with pols like Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, in that there are limits to what the federal government can do and spend.

Still, the Democratic in-fighting presents quite a conundrum more for Biden than Congress, which Americans by and large tend to dislike no matter who runs it.

Biden veered widely to the left to satisfy his left-wing supporters, and his approval rating tanked and is not rebounding as Republicans begin to fight him on almost every issue.

If he seeks to be the uniter he promised to be, he’ll lose the radicals that energize the party. If he drifts further left, he’ll lose everyone else.

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